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These options are available if you select 'Settings' from the Account menu, at the top of the page. Some of the options are a bit opaque, or do not work quite as one would expect at a glance.


  • Email: Obviously enough, the email you want associated with your account. If you are using a Microsoft email account (Live, MSN, or Hotmail), please be aware that Microsoft's mail servers BLOCK all F-List messages, including email verification requests, due to the configuration of their blacklist. There is nothing F-List can do to correct this, as the problem is on Microsoft's end. The best thing to do is use a non-Microsoft email address. Yahoo!, gMail, AOL, and GMX, as well as a multitude of other providers, also offer free email addresses.
  • Theme: The options here are:
    • Default: The blue theme, with white text.
    • Dark: A dark grey theme, with white text.
    • Light: A white theme, with black text.
  • Tracking (Make all your characters unbookmarkable.): Enabling this checkbox will delete all your characters from everyone's bookmark list and prevent anyone from bookmarking them. You can re-enable bookmarking individually for each of your characters on their edit page. This has no effect on your Friends list.
  • Profile updates (Do not receive profile update messages.): Ticking this box means you will no longer be notified when your Friends update their profiles. Update messages are only sent when the 'Major Update' option is selected on the character edit page.
  • Notifications (E-mail me when I receive a note.): Does what it says on the tin. Enabling this will send an email to the address listed under 'Email', assuming your address is verified.
  • Default character: This is the character that will be selected in any character select dropdown, by default. If there's one character you use more often than your others, you probably want to set this to that character.

Change Password

To change your password, type your current password in the box marked 'Old', and the password you want to change to in the boxes marked 'New' and 'Confirm'. The 'Strength' meter shows how difficult it would be to crack your new password. The strength meter progresses on a scale of 1-100 through Bad (red), Weak (yellow), Okay (green), Strong (blue), and Strong++ (also yellow, confusingly enough). The higher the number, the stronger the password.


  • Time Format: Can be set to 'Exact' or 'Fuzzy'. 'Fuzzy' shows times in terms of how far in the past they are ('1 day', or '3 hours', or '4 minutes'). 'Exact' is supposed to show the exact time of the post, relative to your timezone, but it does not automatically account for Daylight Savings Time, so it may be about an hour behind during the summer, if you live in a time zone that uses DST.
  • Timezone: Set the timezone you're in. This is set to GMT, by default, and is displayed on your characters' profiles. If you are using 'Exact' times, it will also affect the times shown on the site.
  • Fetish Translation (Turn off fetish translation for German users.): I have yet to figure out what this does. Not speaking German, I haven't had an opportunity to encounter any translated fetishes.
  • Auto subscribe (Auto subscribe to threads.): Ticking this box means that every time you post in a thread, you will get a message if someone posts after you, regardless of whether they reply directly to your comment. This works on group forum posts, does not work on bug reports or suggestions, and may or may not work on newsposts. (I haven't checked the last, yet.) To unsubscribe from a thread, go to 'Tracked Threads' on the front page, and click the red 'X' next to anything you don't want to get notices about.
  • Onlinestatus (Hide my character's onlinestatus.): This only relates to F-Chat status on your characters' profiles. You will still show up as online inside the chat to your Friends and those who have bookmarked you. You will also show up as online to your Friends on the front page.
  • Contact info (Hide contact info from guests.): This prevents people who are not logged in from seeing any of the contact information on your characters' profiles. Unless you're just storing characters here and linking to them from elsewhere, I strongly suggest ticking this box, to prevent spam.


Enter character names, one per line, to prevent any character from that account from sending you notes. This does not affect F-Chat, which uses /ignore, or for some unfathomable reason friend requests, although the latter is believed to be a bug (642), and not an intended behaviour.

Reportedly, chat ignores now prevent all characters on the account from sending notes to any of your characters, although these names will not show up in the blocklist, nor does the blocklist ignore people in chat.

According to several bug reports, the blocklist may not be working at all, right now. Note that some of the problem may involve a blocked person being able to reply to notes sent to them, even if they can no longer send new notes to the person who blocked them. Circumventing a block, of course, is against the rules and if it happens, you should report the person. (Bug reports: 827, 799, 583, 578, 529)