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F-list is an adult website; we only allow users of age 18 or above. If we have reason to suspect that you may be underage, we will ask you to submit some form of age verification.

To prove that you are over 18, you must provide a form of photographic identification that includes your date of birth, generally in the form of a passport, a driver's license, an age card, or a college ID. If you do not have such cards, any identification card that includes a photo and your date of birth that we can validate will suffice.

You will need to submit a single photograph containing:

  • Yourself (of your face)
  • Your photo ID, with a clear visual of your date of birth
  • A piece of paper with your account name or your character's name

All of this needs to be together in the same frame, (as in you the person holding the ID and paper, next to your real life face) so that we can verify the picture and the ID are you and not a photo found on the internet. The photo will need to be clear enough to read the date of birth on the ID, so we can match it with the provided date you have given a moderator and make sure you are old enough.

While you may just as well include them as an attachment, we suggest you upload these to a private image sharing website where you can display unlisted images we are allowed to see. will allow you to upload an image safely and remove it after successful verification, without people finding it. Once you have this, you can submit an appeal via email to -- subject 'Age Verification'. Make sure you include a link to the photo of you, your ID, and your account name!

Images you provide to us for verification are not kept by members of staff or by the server, once the ticket has been addressed and you are unbanned you are free to remove any and all images you were asked to provide. Your account will be noted down as 'of age' and it will not be asked of you in the future. If you are uncomfortable with sending us images your account will remain banned and along with any other alternate accounts. Be advised, that if you evade your permanent ban with any further accounts, your ban will not be lifted even if you do prove your age.