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Takedown requests must be filed by the ARTIST or OWNER of the art!

We do not accept third party takedown requests. We recommend that you inform the artist and have them file the takedown request themselves with the instructions found here.

Art takedown requests must be filed by the owner or artist of the work in question, unless the image comes from a paysite and bears that site's logo (or a "Do Not Distribute" watermark). If you commissioned a work, or it was gifted to you, you will be recognized as the owner, as long as you can provide the required information.

In order to request that we remove an image, you will need to provide the following information in a ticket:

1. Proof of identity

We need to know that the person filing the removal request is actually the owner or artist of the work. An easy way to prove this is to post a statement on the account the original work is hosted on or the account listed as the commissioner or recipient in the original post, for commissions and gifts.

Things that work as proof of identity:

  • Having a verified F-List profile (because you've already gone through this step once)
  • A journal entry on an art site mentioning that you've filed a takedown request with F-List or including the ticket number of the takedown ticket.
  • A note/private message on the art site from your account to the account of the person handling your request. (Please let us know if you intend to do this, so we can be sure the ticket goes to someone who has an account on that site!)
  • A blog entry mentioning that you've filed a takedown request or including the ticket number of the takedown ticket.
  • A note on your personal website mentioning that you've filed a takedown request or including the ticket number of the takedown ticket.

2. Proof of ownership

Bring us proof that links each piece of original art to your identity from step 1. There has to be a thread we can easily follow from the original art to your request. (Not just your re-post of the art on an art site, if you're not the artist. We would need a link to the artist's post of the work.)

Any verifiable proof is okay:

  • A link to the artist's post of the art which links to your identity from step 1 (Links to art sites like FA, DA, HF, etc. are appropriate for this kind of proof. Links to Dropbox, Imgur, Photobucket, etc. are not.)
  • Links to original Photoshop (psd), PaintTool Sai (sai), Gimp (xcf), Poser (pz3), or other image-creation software files. JPG, PNG, and GIF files do not count for this kind of proof! We need the original files in their native format!
  • Links to screenshots of the email/PM/note in which the commission was delivered
  • Links to photographs of a physical drawing/painting/etc. (NOT A PRINT! The original work!) with a piece of paper with the ticket number written on it, included in the shot. (This is best for commissions you had done at a con.)
  • A signature on the piece you want taken down which unambiguously identifies the artist as the identity you verified in step 1.

Basically, link us to something that we can click and see that the art belongs to you at a first glance. Having a character with the same or a similar name, or having a character with a similar appearance is not enough. We need proof that each piece of art you want removed actually belongs to you.

3. Filing a Ticket

If you have an F-List account, you can file a ticket by clicking the 'Report' button on the profile you'd like the art removed from. The ticket number will be available to you, if you need it, once the ticket is filed.

If you do not have an F-List account, you can file the ticket using our public contact form, here. Please include a link to the profile the art should be removed from, and then a link to each piece of applicable art. If you would like the ticket number, to include in your proof of identity, request it, and we will include it in the reply.

Below is an example of the code you could use to help simplify the process:

[user]The Character Profile Name that has your art on it[/user]

[url=Link to your account]Account name[/url] - Include evidence of your account identity (art site profile/blog/etc).

[url=Link to Image on profile]Image #[/url] - [url=Link to your original source post]Source Post[/url]