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The following content should not be uploaded or linked to on F-List. Violation of these policies could subject you to disciplinary action.

  • Any media of real or alleged underage content.
    • This includes hyper-realistic 3D images.
    • Exception: Non-photographic art is permissible.
  • Any media of real or alleged illegal content.
  • Any photography of real life individuals on character profiles that play under the age of 18 or offering to.
  • Any media of real-life bestiality, real-life animal genitalia, or implying such things by posting photographs of animals to profiles or actions that allude to sexual content.
    • Exception: Non-photographic art is permissible.
  • Photographs that do not adhere to the quality seen in professional photographs.
  • Photographs of models/publicly recognized individuals that are not professionally released.
  • Any content that is listed as DNP/DND.
  • New commercial content (Doujin, paysites, etc.) if it's less than two years old.
    • This includes content posted behind Patreon subscription locks, even "HD" versions of images.
  • Images where a person who is the original copyright owner has placed a watermark on the image.
    • This includes getting art removed via take-down and/when attempting to add it to one's profile in link form.
  • Any content from the site or publishers listed below.

​Avoid uploading/linking art from these sites/publishers

These sites are exempt from the two year commercial content rule!​​

  • Frisky Ferals (free promotional images are okay)
  • Slipshine (free promotional images are okay)
  • Softpaw Magazine
  • HardBlush (However, content from free.hardblush.com and their advertisements are okay)
  • Rabbit Valley
  • Sexyfur
  • Tailheat