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If you have found something that doesn't work as intended, please file a bug report! They're not difficult to write, and this guide should make it even easier to understand how and when to write one.

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Reaching Out

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I open a bug report?

Ask yourself a couple of questions, first:

  • Is this broken, or is it possible I don't understand how it works?

If you think it might be a misunderstanding, or you just need help learning to use something, post a thread in the Community Help forum.

  • Is this an account or social problem? (i.e. Is there a problem with my subscription or verification? Is someone evading an ignore to harass me?)

If yes, open a ticket, instead. Tickets are there to help staff address individual issues, rather than widespread issues.

  • Is this something I think is an intended behaviour, but shouldn't be? Is it perhaps a suggestion for change or a feature request?

If an intended behaviour or feature is bothering you, open a suggestion about it.

  • Has anyone already reported this bug?

This is kind of a big one. 'Browse public bugs' and use your browser's search to see if any open reports look similar to or the same as the bug you're having. If you find the same bug, add your report, along with any relevant technical information, to the thread in progress. This makes the list shorter, which makes it easier to see what bugs are still occurring.

What is 'relevant technical information'?

Usually, this will be the brand and version of your operating system and web browser, and possibly the version of Flash or Java you have installed. Browser information can usually be found by going to 'Help' > 'About', in the browser's menu. This information helps determine if the bug is only affecting a certain operating system or a particular browser, and makes it easier to figure out at least a workaround, until the issue can be fixed.

What is the difference between a workaround and a fix?

A workaround doesn't repair the problem, but it enables you to avoid invoking the bug. For instance, if there were a bug where Google Chrome crashed while using chat, a workaround might be to use Firefox, instead. A fix is something that actually repairs the problem, and it can be something the developers need to implement on the site or something as simple as upgrading your browser to the latest version.

I figured out a workaround for bug #XXXX.

Great! Go post it to the thread in bug report #XXXX, so other people having the same problem can have some relief from it.

When should I close a bug report?

Sometimes, a problem will get fixed or resolve itself, or you will discover a solution. There is no need to leave bug reports open for problems that are solved. (I'm looking at you, 'Chat is down!' reports...)

How to Report a Bug

Remember: One bug per report and one report per bug. If there is already a bug report open, please add your report as a comment to the already open thread. Please do not report more than one bug in a single bug report, as it makes it more difficult to keep track of what has been fixed.

Open a Bug Report

  1. Click on 'Help and Info', in the site menu bar. (Not chat!)
  2. Select 'Report a bug/technical problem'.
  3. In the first box, describe the result you are experiencing and explain the result you expected. Include your browser, your OS, and the part of the site that's giving you trouble. You can copy the template at the bottom of this page.
  4. In the second box, explain the steps needed to cause the unexpected result. Put it in list format, if you can.
  5. Type a short description of your problem in the 'Subject' box. (The subject should be fewer than 60 letters.) 'When I save my character, my custom kinks delete.' is much more useful than 'Help Me!!!'
  6. Select a character to post as. If the problem is only affecting one of your characters, post as that one.
  7. Click 'Submit ticket'!

Close a Bug Report

  1. Click on 'Report a bug/technical problem' in the help menu.
  2. Click the bug report you want to close, in the list on the left.
  3. Click on 'Close this bug report', on the left.

Bug Report Template

[b]Trouble with:[/b] [Select one or more: Profile editing | Profile viewing | Groups | Suggestions Page | Bug Reports Page | F-Chat 1.0 | F-Chat 2.0 | Subscriber Feature | Other]
[b]Explanation:[/b] [When I do this, this should/used to happen, but this happens instead.]

Example Bug Report

Submit your bug report...
[b]OS:[/b] Windows 7 (32bit)
[b]Browser:[/b] Firefox 13
[b]Trouble with:[/b] F-Chat 1.0
[b]Explanation:[/b] When I right-click on a character name, I expect to see the user context menu. Instead, I see the regular right-click menu for the browser.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Log in to chat.
  2. Enter a channel.
  3. Right-click on the name of any user, in the chat buffer or the user list.
  4. Fail to get user context menu.