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The Community Help forum is a place to get assistance from other users. Please remember that most of the responses provided here are not going to come from staff members.

What does go here?

This list is not exhaustive, but is meant to serve as a guide to the types of issues Community Help can probably assist in.

What doesn't go here?

  • I need help with my account./This dude keeps bothering me!
    • (i.e. Is there a problem with your subscription or verification? Is someone evading an ignore to harass you?) If yes, open a ticket, instead. Tickets are there to help staff address individual issues, rather than widespread issues. If someone is bothering you in F-Chat, just /ignore them. If someone is breaking the rules in F-Chat, use the 'Alert Staff' option.
  • I don't like how this works!/We need a new feature!
    • If an intended behaviour, feature, or lack of feature is bothering you, open a suggestion about it.
  • I'm pretty sure this is actually broken...
    • 'Browse public bugs' and use your browser's search to see if any open reports look similar to or the same as the bug you're having. If you find the same bug, add your report, along with any relevant technical information, to the thread in progress. This makes the list shorter, which makes it easier to see what bugs are still occurring. If there is no open bug report for your issue, read the guide to making bug reports, and then open one.