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New Smileys

:heart: Heart.png
:lif-angry: Lif-angry.png
:lif-blush: Lif-blush.png
:lif-cry: Lif-cry.png
:lif-evil: Lif-evil.png
:lif-gasp: Lif-gasp.png
:lif-happy: Lif-happy.png
:lif-meh: Lif-meh.png
:lif-neutral: Lif-neutral.png
:lif-ooh: Lif-ooh.png
:lif-purr: Lif-purr.png
:lif-roll: Lif-roll.png
:lif-sad: Lif-sad.png
:lif-sick: Lif-sick.png
:lif-smile: Lif-smile.png
:lif-whee: Lif-whee.png
:lif-wink: Lif-wink.png
:lif-wtf: Lif-wtf.png
:lif-yawn: Lif-yawn.png
:cake: Cake.png

Old Smileys

Despite being removed from the editor interface for posts and profiles, these smileys will still work, if you type them in.

:hex-smile: Hex-smile.png
:hex-confuse: Hex-confuse.png
:hex-eek: Hex-eek.png
:hex-mad: Hex-mad.png
:hex-roll: Hex-roll.png
:hex-wink: Hex-wink.png
:hex-twist: Hex-twist.png
:hex-sad: Hex-sad.png
:hex-grin: Hex-grin.png
:hex-red: Hex-red.png
:hex-razz: Hex-razz.png
:hex-yell: Hex-yell.png