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F-Chat 1.0 is the current stable webclient, making it the standard for expected features, in other clients. It is no longer being developed, as all efforts are going toward F-Chat 2.0.


View: Login | Main Window

The main window is topped by a menu bar. Tabs for rooms and PMs run down the left, headed by the console tab, and the user list for the current room is on the right. In the centre, the description of the current room or status of the user in PM is displayed at the top, followed by the chat buffer, under which are a button to send the current message as an RP ad, a button to make sounds stop in this tab, a counter for up to the last 25 RP ads in all channels (this can be clicked to display them), and a dropdown to set whether you would like to see both chat and ads, only chat, or only ads, in the current room. At the bottom or the centre section is the box into which messages can be typed.


This button opens the site in another tab.

F-Chat Menu

This displays the number of users currently in chat, in parentheses, on the right. In the menu are options for:

  • Set Status: Brings up a dialog where you can select a status and add a message to go with it.
  • Get Logs: Brings up a dialog from which you can download the logs of the current room.
  • Settings: Brings up a dialog in which you can change the settings.
  • Logout: This, amazingly enough, logs you out and returns you to the login screen, with a dialog box to download the logs from the session.


View: Channels

The dialog box this will bring up displays three tabs. The first for official channels, the second for open private channels, and the last to create your own channel. The two list tabs are sorted by the number of users currently in the channels.

In F-Chat 1.0, but not F-Chat 2.0, it is possible to create web links to specific channels.

  • Private Channels: http://www.f-list.net/fchat/?joinChannel=[sessionID]
    • Example: http://www.f-list.net/fchat/?joinChannel=ADH-24288972d8da1e69af34
  • Public Channels: http://www.f-list.net/fchat/?joinChannel=[Name]
    • http://www.f-list.net/fchat/?joinChannel=Bondage
    • (We're not sure how this works for channels with spaces in the name, yet, but spaces, %20, underscores, and removing the spaces don't work.)

Find Partners

View: Find Partners

This brings up a dialog box that displays several parameters that can be set for a search. Each one provides a list of selections, and multiple options can be chosen. Once you have selected an option, you won't be able to see which ones you've chosen, but if you're having trouble, there's a reset button. To commit the search, press 'Search'. Search results will display in the current channel, so you might want to select the console before you use this tool. Characters set to 'Looking' will display first, with avatars and current status message. All other results will display in a comma-separated list, name only, below.


This will display a list of your friends currently in chat. Right-clicking the names will bring up the usual user context menu.

Alert Staff

View: Alert Staff

If someone is violating the rules of the chat -- the general rules, not the rules of a private channel -- click this button to open the report dialog. Describe the problem clearly in the multi-line box, type the name of the user causing the problem in the single-line box, and make sure the box is ticked to include logs, so there's no question of what happened.


View: Commands | Colors and Symbols

This menu includes the following options:

  • FAQ: A link to the FAQ, here on the wiki.
  • Rules: A link to the Rules, here on the wiki.
  • Helpdesk: A link to the helpdesk, where tickets can be submitted.
  • Commands: Brings up a dialog with tabs listing general commands, moderator/chan-op/chat-op commands, BBcode, and smileys.
  • Colors and Symbols: Brings up a dialog showing gender colours and moderator/chan-op/chat-op gems.

Save Open Tabs

The button with the disk, to the left of the console tab, The disk button has been broken for months. If you save your settings, it will save all currently open tabs, for your next login. This will save them for all your characters, so be careful which ones you pick.


View: Settings

Saving your settings will save the currently open channels. This will replace any channels you had previously saved.


  • Display leave/join notices: Shows a message when someone joins or leaves any channel you are in.
  • Disable [icon]: Does not show user icons when the [icon] tag is used.
  • Display online/offline notices for friends: Show a message when friends log in and out. Currently shows in both the console and the current channel.
  • Make links clickable: Automatically converts URLs to links, without needing [url] tags.
  • Clicking names opens PM: ...instead of opening the profile in another tab.
  • Set status to idle automatically: With this enabled, if you don't type anything for ten minutes, your status will switch to 'Idle'.
  • Disable chatlogs: Turn off logging.
  • Maximum displayed messages: Set the number of messages in the scrollback buffer. Setting it a little higher is advised if you have join/leave or online/offline notices turned on.
  • Chat font size: Theoretically, changes the size of the display font. (I need to check if this is working.)


  • Mute (HTML5) sounds: Mute the PM/Highlight sound.
  • Always play PM/Highlight sound: Plays sounds, even if the tab creating the sounds is in the foreground.
  • Enable notifications(Chrome): This enables HTML5 popup notifications for highlighted messages. These notifications can also be enabled in Firefox, with the HTML5 Notifications extension.
  • Highlight people mentioning me, and these other words (comma separated): Messages containing your name or the words in the list will show up in a brighter colour, with an asterisk icon to the left. If sound is enabled, these messages will trigger it.
  • Different color for my own messages: Shows your messages in a slightly different colour from the other messages in the channel.
  • Display helpticket notices: Will display a message if one of your tickets is updated.


  • Auto-translate chat: Auto-translating reportedly submits incoming messages to Google Translate, but it does not appear to work, instead, printing empty incoming messages. Leave this set to 'No Translation'.


  • In links preceded by a linebreak, the href will contain "http://www.f-list.net/fchat/<br ></a>" and then the intended site address, starting at http://. (Reported: 25)
  • Tab crashes in Chrome when trying to retrieve logs or log out, if logs are very long. (Reported: 83)
  • About 10% of the time, if more than 10 channels are saved, only 10 will load. The rest only load when the 'Channels' button is clicked. (Reported in FF8 and Chrome 16, can anyone confirm this is still broken?) (Reported: 206, 341)
  • Chat status is limited to 256 characters, but there is no warning if that length is exceeded; it just saves the truncated status. (Reported: 212) (Fixed 2012-07-06)
  • Clicking on a name or other link selects huge swaths of text in the chat buffer and userlist. (IMAGE) (Reported: 379, 387, 456)
  • "Find Partners" dialog does not show which items in the lists are selected. (IMAGE) (Reported: 422)
  • Sometimes, in Firefox, closing a tab will close the next tab down, and the intended tab cannot be closed, afterward. (Reported: 423, 534)
  • Error 5 "You must wait one second between sending channel messages" on every message, and sometimes when no text entered or sent. (Reported: 436, 444, 449, 462)
  • The two-minute drop cycle (which may be serverside). (Reported: 436, 450, 460, 464, 485, 498, 538, 566, 589, 670)
I believe the above bug to have prompted this comment, from newspost 195:"Other scaling issues have crept in, and the most recently being that the code appears to stop maintaining connections properly, and will drop them as if they have timed out. As I understand it, this appears to happen outside of the code that actually runs the chat server, making it hard to track down the true cause for the problem. There is also no KNOWN trigger for this problem, it happens not only when chat is full, but also when it is not particularly busy. This makes narrowing down what causes it incredibly difficult to do and a process of testing and eliminating possibilities."
  • In Chrome, seemingly random crashes of every F-List tab, while chat is running. (Reported: 468, 489, 497, 503, 588, 595, 601)
  • Chat freezes on connect or reconnect. (Reported: 482, 486)
  • Accented letters do not render properly, for some users. (Reported: 539)
  • Does not remember tabs in Chrome (Reported: 574, 728)
  • In Firefox, client loads a few pixels too large for the available screen size. (Pressing CTRL-F and then closing the search bar will cause the client to resize, at least vertically.) (Reported: 575)
  • Can no longer middle-click names to open profile in background tab (Reported: 592)
  • Firefox 13.0 crashes when clicking [user] links in F-Chat. (Reported: 663)
  • In Internet Explorer, sometimes the "Find Partners" dialog does not close. (Reported: 664)
  • Ad counter does not work as a button, after disconnect and reconnect. (Reported: 667)
  • User context menu may have stopped working for a time on 2012.06.21. Reported in Firefox and Chrome. (Reported: 668, [1])
  • In Chrome, left-clicking names sometimes does not open profiles. Once it starts happening, only relogging will make it work again. (Reported: 719)
  • In Chrome, menu buttons along the top may have stopped working. (Reported: 783, 786)

Third-Party Bugs

  • Chrome 19 cannot save logs, because the browser has had its data URI handling removed. This affects both F-Chat 1.0 and F-Chat 2.0, but is confirmed fixed in Chrome 20.0.1132.11. (Reported: 424, 596, 608)