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F-Chat 2.0 is also known as the beta chat or the experimental chat. It is, as might be obvious from the names, currently in testing, and some features do not presently work.


At first, the room tabs will display across the top, just under the eleven menu buttons. This can be changed, in settings, to display on the left side. The users in the current room are displayed in a list on the right.

Home Button

The first button on the top row shows a picture of a house. Clicking it loads the site's home page in another tab.

F-Chat Menu

The second button shows the F-list mascot head. Clicking it opens a menu with several options:

  • Open chat with... lets you open a private message by typing the character's name into the popup box.
  • Undo closed tab does exactly what it says. This will open the last closed tab.
  • Report this tab should work like reporting a user, but for the whole channel. See bugs and fixes, below.
  • Logout does exactly what it says, and returns you to the login screen.

Chat Tab

The third button displays two chat bubbles, vertically. Clicking it returns you to the tab that displays your open channels and PMs. The tabs to switch between these will display either on the top or to the left, depending on your settings. The push-pin icon on the channel tabs can be clicked to save the channel, so you will automatically join it, on your next login. The room or user information displays across the top. The user list displays on the right side, with staff and moderators at the top, followed by friends, then characters set to 'Looking' status, and finally everyone else. The user list can be displayed with or without character avatars.

If you are attempting to execute a slash command that takes a character name as an argument, this client will attempt to autocomplete the name, if you type a few letters and press the 'tab' key. If there are several matches, a list will be displayed in the current channel's buffer. This is extremely useful if you have forgotten how to spell someone's name, but be warned: it only searches characters currently online in chat.

You may now /preview messages. Message is printed out only for you to see. Useful for checking BBCode

Replacement for 1.0's "BING" functionality added. Type /notify in channel you desire to be notified of.

Status Tab

The fourth button displays what appears to be a rolodex card. Clicking it brings up a tab with two fields: a dropdown to select your status and a text field to enter a message. Clicking 'Update' sets your status according to the contents of the fields.

Channels Tab

The fifth button displays a square made of nine grey squares. Clicking it brings up the channels tab. At the top is a text field and 'Create' button, with which you can create a new channel. The list on the left is composed of official rooms and the list on the right of open private rooms. Both lists can be sorted by name or by number of users.

Friends and Bookmarks Tab

The sixth button displays two heads. Clicking it brings up the friends and bookmarks tab, which shows friends on the left and bookmarks on the right. Clicking on a name here will open a private message. Right clicking on the name or avatar has no effect, but the rest of the bar for each friend will produce the user menu.

Search Tab

The seventh button displays a magnifying glass. Clicking it brings up the search tab, which shows several list boxes from which to select search parameters: Genders, Orientations, Roles, Positions, and Languages. The '+Kink' button to the right will allow kinks to be added to the search parameters. Click 'Search' to run a search. Results are displayed with avatars and current statuses. Clicking a result opens a PM. Right clicking occasionally produces the user menu, and sometimes does nothing at all.

Incoming Roleplay Ads

The eighth button displays a newspaper page. Clicking it brings up the roleplay ads tab, which, if you have been in a channel in which roleplay ads have been posted, will display the last (correct me if I'm wrong) twenty-five ads. BBcode does not render in this tab, but displays the plaintext of the tags. This may be a bug. Clicking names opens the character's profile in a new tab. Right clicking names opens the user menu.

Save Logs Tab

The ninth button displays a book with a bookmark. Clicking it brings up a display of all the rooms you have played in, during this session, with buttons to the right to download (the first button), view (the second button), or save to the logs viewer (third button). At the top are links to access the logs viewer or to download all this session's logs as a zip file.

Settings Tab

The tenth button displays a crossed screwdriver and wrench. Clicking it brings up pretty much everything you can change about how the client works.

Layout & Display:

  • Display limit (default: 200): This is how many messages will show in the scrollback buffer. Join/leave messages and other system messages do count against this.
  • Tabs on the side (default: off): This is whether to show the room and PM tabs on the side (on) or the top (off).
  • Disable userlist (default: off): If you don't want to see who is in a room, you can turn off the user list by checking this box.
  • Keep focus on typing area. (default: on):
  • Font size (default: 12): Make the text in the chat display larger (bigger number) or smaller (smaller number).
  • Highlight messages (default: off): Shows your messages in a different colour than other messages.
  • Highlight Words (default: empty): Words you would like to trigger a message to be highlighted, on screen, and potentially to trigger sound and/or HTML5 notification popups. Comma separated phrases. (Example: potato,banana,red apple,coconut)
  • Auto-parse URLs (default: on): Automatically make anything that starts with http:// into a link, without requiring it be put in url tags.


  • HTML5 Audio (default: ?): Setting this on will enable the client to make noise for highlighted messages.
  • Join/Leave messages (default: ?): Shows messages when someone joins or leaves the channel. These don't always work, at present.
  • Disable [icon] tag (default: off): Does not show user avatars when the [icon] tag is used.
  • HTML5 Notifications (default: off): Setting this on will enable popup notifications for highlighted messages, in supported browsers.
  • Auto Idle (default: off): Sets you to 'Idle' if you do not use the client for the amount of time specified in Idle Time.
  • Idle time(ms) (default: 600000): The default time is ten minutes. (60 seconds in a minute x 1000 for ms x 10 for how many minutes)
  • Enable Logging (default: on): This enables the client to keep logs, so you can download them.
  • Enable PM Logging (default: on): This saves the last 100 lines of PM conversations in HTML5 localStorage, on your computer. This is definitely account-specific, and may now be character-specific, so you won't see someone else's logs, if you share a computer.
  • Clear PM Logs: This button will enable you to clear any logs stored by the above option.
  • Friend notifications (default: ?): Lets you know when your friends log on and off.
  • Alerts for bug reports (default: off) Show a message when someone replies to your bug reports.
  • Alerts for helpdesk tickets (default: off) Show a message when someone replies to your helpdesk tickets.
  • Alerts for group requests (default: off) Show a message when your group request is approved or denied.
  • Alerts for feature requests (default: off) Show a message when someone replies to your suggestions.
  • Left click opens f-list profile (default: ?): Sets the default behaviour for clicking on someone's name to open their profile, instead of a PM.

Help Tab

The eleventh button displays a blue circle with a white question mark. Clicking it opens a tab with links to help resources, including the FAQ and Rules. There is also a link that displays a popup explanation of colours and symbols used by the chat.

Keyboard shortcuts

If activated in chat settings, the following are implemented keyboard shortcuts:


- Additionally, similarly to 1.0, ctrl+UP and ctrl+DOWN keys shift through opened tabs.

Bugs and Fixes


  • If you are getting a 'Bad Request' error, trying to access this client, clear out your cookies.
  • If you would like to block ads, chat messages, or both from characters of certain genders, StatusLightOffline.pngKurin has released a Greasemonkey script for that. You'll need to hand-edit it to uncomment the genders you'd like to block. Read the source for instructions. (Beware this script may cause some serious lag, if you're blocking chat messages in high-traffic rooms!)

Still Broken

  • Join/Leave messages not always displaying for rooms. This appears to be related to users leaving the room on disconnect.
  • Userlist doesn't update unless you switch users/avatars display or switch to another room tab and back. Update: Userlist partially updates, in some weird ways, occasionally producing duplicate names if someone leaves and comes back.
  • Right clicking on a bar (not the name or avatar) in the friends list and selecting 'F-List' appends the friend's status message to the link. (Bug reports: 537)
  • The chat repeats mistyped commands on disconnect/reconnect (?) (Bug reports: 519)
  • If you view a channel in which your current character has access to the channel moderation menu, you will be able to view, but not use, that menu in every other channel you switch to, after that. (Bug reports: 427)
  • CTRL-↑ and CTRL-↓ skip every other tab, after a reconnect. (Bug report: 742) (I'm pretty sure this was reported once before, but I can't find it, now.)
  • CTRL-↓ will reopen closed PM tabs, if the tab is the last one in the list. (Bug report: 742)

Reported Fixed

If you are still having problems with these, either open a bug report, or comment on an already-open bug report on the issue. Please include information about what browser and OS you are using.

  • /coplist is unimplemented, with error message: 'Error: Unimplemented command.' (fixed 19-11-2012) As of 2012.11.19, produces neither a list nor an error message. (Bug report with unimplemented fix: 1154) (Fixed before 2013.11.17)
  • /cop <character> and /cdeop <character> produce 'System: Error code 1, Syntax error.' when used with only a character name. You can still use the right-click menu to give and take mod privileges in private rooms. /cop and /cdeop require two parameters, because they appear not to properly detect the active channel. You must use the channel ID, not the channel name. (Fixed before 2013.11.17)
  • /priv If you /priv someone with a space in their name, in F-Chat 2.0 you will need to enclose the name in "double quotes", or it will produce the error 'User is offline or does not exist'. No longer needs quotes. (Fixed before 2012.11.25)
  • /prooms works, but breaks on rooms with brackets [] in the name, producing the session codes, from that point forward, instead of room links. (Fixed before 2012.11.25)
  • BBcode does not render in Recent Roleplay Ads, but displays the plaintext of the tags. (Bug reports: 674) (Fixed 2012.11.19)
  • Private room names display within chat as room ID numbers (ADH-####################). (Bug report: 458) (Fixed 2012.11.19)
  • /roll isn't fully implemented. (Bug reports: 517, 512) (fixed 19-11-2012)
  • /invite does not work, with no error message, as of 2012.08.09. (fixed 19-11-2012)
  • Fixed blank spaces in the userlist when someone leaves. (In Chrome, at least, this fix is reported to kill the linebreaks in the user list. IMAGE ) (Fixed 2012.05.31)
  • Fixes to /kick: switch to console when kicked from a channel, get informative message about channel kick when kicked, staff are informed about their channel kick working rather than getting a command unimplemented message in console. (Fixed 2012.05.31)
  • Allow command parameters without double quotes. (Fixed 2012.05.31)
  • Error message about waiting 599 seconds displays after posting ad in LFRP channels. (Fixed sometime before 2012.06.10)
  • Thread update notification in chat cuts off after first word of thread title. (Fixed sometime before 2012.06.10)
  • Room name/description replaced by console or previously looked at user. (Bug reports: 635, 631, 628, 625) (Fixed 2012.06.22)
  • No right-click menu in friend/watch list or search result list. (This report was inaccurate. The menus only appear if you right-click on the bar around the name, not on the name or avatar, which is still weird, since everywhere else you right click on the name.)
  • /clear doesn't work. (Fixed 2012.05.31, rebroken 2012.06.22, refixed before 2012.08.09)
  • Unable to remove kinks from the search after they have been added. ( Fixed )
  • Word stretch not functioning. Extremely long words will break how the chat is displayed. (Fixed)

Third-party Bugs

  • Can't save logs in Chrome 19. This is a bug with the browser, which will be (is?) fixed in Chrome 20. (Bug reports: 608, 596, 424)