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F-Chat 3.0 is our latest generation F-Chat client. F-Chat 3.0 is currently available as a desktop client for Microsoft Windows and MacOS, with a Linux version in development. A mobile version is currently available for Android and iOS devices. Despite it being in a stable release state, we will still happily accept bug reports and feature/design suggestions.



F-Chat 3.0 is available for multiple platforms. Most information on this page will apply to all platforms. In some cases, features or functionality may differ between different platforms. In cases where a feature or function is the same across all platforms, no distinction will be made. In cases where a feature or function is different between multiple platforms, each platform will be listed in its own bullet point. For example:

  • F-Chat 3.0/Desktop: Feature example A
  • F-Chat 3.0/Other platforms: Feature example B

In order to support multiple platforms, F-Chat 3.0 has been built on a modular tech stack that will be able to provide a consistent experience across all platforms, in addition to simplified development and updates. As 1.0 and 2.0 are no longer officially supported, F-Chat 3.0 is the suggested client for using F-Chat.


  • * F-Chat 3.0/Android: 3.0 for Android mobile devices is available for download. Instructions can be found on F-Chat 3.0/Android
  • * F-Chat 3.0/iOS: 3.0 for Apple mobile devices is available for download. Instructions can be found on F-Chat 3.0/iOS
  • * F-Chat 3.0/Web: 3.0 for web does not require a download and is accessed in much the same way 1.0 and 2.0 are accessed now.


Menu Bar

  • F-Chat 3.0
    • Open new window
      • Clicking this will open a new F-Chat 3.0 window
    • Open new tab
      • This will allow you to open a new tab, so you can log in another character
    • Change log location
      • This will allow you to set which directory your logs are stored in.
    • Close to Tray
      • Clicking this will toggle the Close to Tray setting. While checked, closing the client will instead minimize it to the system tray.
    • Use profile viewer
      • This will allow you to use the inbuilt profile viewer function of 3.0
    • Spellcheck
      • Hovering over this will allow you to Disable spellcheck or set the language dictionary spellcheck uses.
    • Theme
      • Change the theme of the client!
    • Minimize and Exit
      • Minimizes the client and exits the client respectively
  • Edit
    • Standard edit controls such as undo, redo, and copy/paste.
  • View
    • Change view settings such as text size.
  • Help
    • Check your version number and get help with F-Chat 3.0!

Left Sidebar

  • Log Out
    • Logs out of the client
  • Status: Online
    • Clicking this will allow you to set a status and write a small message that will be sent to your friends and bookmarks, as well as shown to anyone who messages you.
  • Settings
    • Clicking this brings up a menu containing basic global chat settings. More info below.
  • Recent Conversations
    • Clicking this will show a selection of channels and message tabs that have had recent activity. Clicking the channel name will join the channel if you are not already joined. Clicking a username will open their profile. Right-clicking a username will allow you to open a message tab with that user. This behavior can be changed in Settings.
  • Console
    • The Console is an ever-present status window that will display event information and other important messages. You cannot chat in the console.
  • PMs
    • Any open PM conversations will be listed here.
  • Channels
    • Any joined channels will be listed here. In addition, you can click this button to view a list of all channels or create your own.

Top Bar

  • Description (channel only)
    • This button is only shown when a channel is focused. Clicking this will show the room’s topic.
  • Manage (Room mods/owner only)
    • This button will only be shown to room owners or mods. Clicking this allows you to change the basic settings of your room.
  • Logs
    • Click this to open the log viewer. The current channel or user will be automatically selected. You can change the user or channel to view with the first dropdown. The second dropdown chooses the date. Once a user/channel and date are selected, the log will automatically be shown.
  • Settings
    • Edit certain settings for the focused channel or PM. You can change if you are notified for any messages, notified for messages containing your name, set custom highlight words per-channel, and whether to display join/leave messages. Any “default” setting will use the option set in the global settings menu.
  • Alert Staff
    • Send a message and current channel logs to site staff. Make sure the channel/PM you wish to report is the focused (selected) tab. Please make sure to leave a good description!
  • Chat/Ads/Both
    • Choose what kind of chat you want to see:
      • Chat
        • Only show chat messages and hide roleplay ads.
      • Ads
        • Only show roleplay ads and hide normal chat.
      • Both
        • Show chat and roleplay ads together.

Right Sidebar / People Menu

The right sidebar contains the people menu. You can open or close the people menu by clicking the hanging tab. The people menu has two tabs:

  • Friends
    • This tab shows any online friends and bookmarks. Right click their name to open a chat with them!.
  • Members
    • Shows online users in the current focused (selected) room. This tab will not appear in PMs/console.
  • Member filter
    • Located in the botton right of the sidebar, it will allow you to filter by member name / part of the name

Chat Box

The chat box allows you to type messages to other users and format your message.

  • Formatting Tools
    • There are a variety of formatting tools for F-Chat 3.0 located just above the chat box. You can hover over each icon to see what it does as well as the keyboard shortcut for that code. The formatting tools are as follows, from left to right.
      • Bold
      • Italics
      • Underline
      • Strikethrough
      • Color
      • Superscript
      • Subscript
      • URL/Link
      • User (link to a user profile)
      • Icon (link to a user profile, but instead of a name, show their avatar)
      • Eicon (link to an inline chat image. See the FAQ)
      • No Parse (Any bbcode tags between a noparse tag will not render)
      • Help (Get a crazy amount of info!)
      • Preview (See what your message looks like before you send it!)
    • For more info, see List of BBCode tags.
  • Chat Search
    • If you wish to search through a channel log, you can do so with ctrl+f
  • Character count
    • Shows the current character count of your typed message and the maximum characters allowed for that message.
  • Chat / Ads
    • When you press enter on a chat message, it will be sent as the currently highlighted option. If you type a message and hit enter when “Chat” is selected, a chat message will be sent. If you type a message and hit enter when “Ads” is selected, a roleplay ad will be sent.
    • It is very important that you choose the correct mode for the kind of message you want to send!
    • Sending chat as an ad or sending ads as chat is against site rules. Rooms that only allow one type of message will automatically default to that type. Ad only rooms will only let you send ads and will automatically enter ad mode. Chat only rooms will only let you send chat and will automatically enter chat mode.

Client Settings

You can set your preferences for the 3.0 client by clicking the “Settings” button underneath your character's avatar. There are three tabs within the settings menu.

General Settings

Disallowed BBCode tags

  • Prevent certain bbcode tags from rendering.

Clicking users opens messages (instead of their profile)

  • Normally, clicking a user will open their profile in your web browser. You can change this behavior to instead open a PM. Both actions can be accessed from the right-click menu regardless of this setting.

Enter sends messages

  • Enabling this will allow you to push enter to send a message rather than clicking the button

Show character avatars

  • Enabling this will show character avatars by their names in various places such as PM tabs and the right-click menu.

Show bookmarks in different colour

  • Enabling this will highlight bookmarks in a different colour in the channel 'member' list

Animate [eicon]s

  • Enabling this will allow eicons uploaded as gifs to animate. If this is disabled, a still image will be shown instead.

Idle Timer

  • Any time you click away from the F-Chat window a timer will begin to count up. Once it reaches the value set in this field your status will automatically be changed to “Idle” - Clicking on the F-Chat window while idle will set your status back to what it was before going idle and reset the timer. Setting this to 0 will disable the idle timer.

Display separators between messages

  • Enabling this will put a thin separating line between each message.

Log messages

  • Enabled by default, disabling this setting will stop general chat messages from being logged in the Log Viewer.

Log ads

  • Disabled by default, enabling this setting will allow messages sent as ads to be logged in the Log Viewer.

Font size

  • This allows you to adjust the font size. It is experimental. Expect things to be Fun if you adjust this.


Play notification sounds

  • Enabled by default. Setting this will send audible notifications when a message is highlighted. PMs are always highlighted. Other settings allow you to have your name highlighted when mentioned or allow you to set your own highlighted words.

Play sounds even when looking at tab

  • This will make the notification sounds play when you are looking at the tab, rather than the normal behaviour of when you are not.

Display desktop/push notifications

  • Enabled by default. Setting this will send a desktop notification when a message is highlighted. Uses system API for notifications.

Notify for messages containing your name

  • Enabled by default. Setting this will highlight messages with your name in them. Respects other notification settings.

Custom highlight notify words

  • Set your own notify/highlight words. This field is comma-separated. Any word(s) entered here will be highlighted. Respects other notification settings.

Also display console messages (like login/logout, status changes) in current tab

  • In addition to printing certain events (like a friend logging in) to the Console, enabling this will send the event to whatever channel you are currently looking at as well.

Display join/leave messages in channels

  • Enabling this will send an event to the chat tab when a user leaves or joins a channel. Can be insanely hectic in large channels.

Show indicator on PM tab with unanswered messages

  • Enabling this will show an indicator on the PM tabs that have unanswered/unread messages


You can import your settings from another character by selecting one from the dropdown and clicking “Import Settings” - This will import your pinned channels as well as other various settings from another character.


This FAQ is for questions about F-Chat 3.0 only. You may wish to see Frequently Asked Questions as well.

I'm a private channel owner/mod and can't ignore a user in my room!

  • This is intended behaviour. If there is a user in a room that you no longer wish to interact with, the user should be banned from the room in order to accomplish this.

What platforms does F-Chat 3.0 support?

  • F-Chat 3.0 is currently available for Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS. A web client is in development and a Linux client is planned.

How can I connect with multiple characters at the same time?

  • F-Chat 3.0 supports multiple tabs per window. To open a second tab, click the + icon next to your character name and icon at the top bar of the window. You can then log in to a new character.

How do I post an ad?

  • Ads have changed a bit in 3.0. In order to make the flow of ad posting easier for everyone, you can now choose between what kind of message you want to post. You can select the kind of message you want to post with the modal selector on the right side of the chatbox. Your most recently posted ad for the channel you are looking at is always stored when you are in ad mode, in order to make ad posting easier.

How do I delete my logs?

  • F-Chat 3.0/Windows: Logs are saved directly to your hard drive. If you would like to delete these logs, close F-Chat then navigate to %appdata%\fchat\data\CharacterName\Logs and delete the entire folder to clear all logs. If you would just like to delete a specific channels' logs, just delete all files with that channel's name.
  • F-Chat 3.0/Mac: Logs are saved directly to your hard drive. If you would like to delete these logs, close F-Chat then navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/fchat/data/CharacterName/Logs and delete the entire folder to clear all logs. If you would just like to delete a specific channels' logs, just delete all files with that channel's name.
  • F-Chat 3.0/Android: Logs are stored within the apps local data store. If you would like to delete these logs, Close F-Chat and navigate to Settings->Apps->F-Chat 3.0. Click Clear Data to clear all F-Chat data. This includes all saved settings, pinned channels, and logs. Note that the process to clear data from an app may differ between phone manufactures.
  • F-Chat 3.0/Web: Clear your browser's cache to delete any stored logs.

How do I change the theme?

  • After starting the application, you can change the chat's theme at any time by clicking the "F-Chat 3.0" button in the menu bar and hovering over "Theme". Select the theme you wish to apply.

Can I make my own themes for F-Chat 3.0?

How did you make F-Chat 3.0?

  • We made F-Chat 3.0 using Electron! This allows us to make a flexible, cross-platform client with ease. Other popular applications like Discord and Slack all run on Electron too.

Is F-Chat 3.0 open source?

Suggestion Status

Continue to leave feedback on these if you want them! Suggestion count is our way of gauging interest in specific areas. Vote with your suggestion.

A short list of suggestions that we've made at least a preliminary decision on. If your suggestion is not here it does not mean it was forgotten or that it was rejected.

  • Integrated profile viewer - In Progress: An experimental copy is now implemented.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for switching conversations - Implemented
  • Multiple characters per app instance - Implemented.
  • More themes/Easier Customization of Colors - Likely.
  • "Not Interested" list - An experimental implementation is now in the client. Feedback would be appreciated.
  • User status in channel member list - Intentionally left out with future changes in mind. Added back, but only for a while.
  • Auto-posting ads - Under consideration.
  • 32bit support - Unlikely at this time.

Known Issues

All Platforms


  • Window location won't be saved if the window is placed left of the default/main monitor (i.e. negative position values) - This is an upstream bug with Electron/Chromium/Blink
  • Nvidia Shadowplay recognizes the program as a game. - This is an upstream bug
  • Notifications are sometimes not stored in the Windows 10 Action Center. - Possible upstream issue
  • Unable to make web version logs work with Firefox private browsing - see this known issue
  • Pinned channels will not actually disappear. As a workaround until this is made possible on the server side, simply re-pinning another room will save the list, excluding the one in question.
  • In Chrome if you add a space at the start of a wrapped line a newline is inserted instead. See here for details



  • App crashes on Android Oreo (8.0+) devices. This issue has been resolved, please update to the latest version.
  • In Chrome if you add a space at the start of a wrapped line a newline is inserted instead. See here for details



Version 3.0.6

This version is still in beta. You may opt into prerelease testing from the main menu.

  • Modding bug fixed.
  • Channel specific highlight words are fixed.

Version 3.0.5

  • Fixed issues relating to scrolling.

Version 3.0.4

  • Automatically dismiss notifications in Chrome
  • Added option to allow to hiding the BBCode bar
  • Typing places focus into the input field
  • Mobile fixes for web version (scale, sounds, notifications)
  • Middle click closes conversations
  • Added support for Opera and Vivaldi incognito mode
  • Add "show all dates" (infinite scrolling) to log viewer (by popular request)

Version 3.0.3

  • Added bulk log export for conversations and entire characters (thanks Egg Thief, Generic Mewtwo, others)
  • Made large logs in the desktop version load faster
  • Made profile viewer scroll-able with arrow keys (thanks @Cho Gath)
  • Fixed new friends and bookmarks not being sorted correctly in member lists (thanks Zoi, others)
  • Decreased data usage on mobile clients
  • Added ability to open links in Incognito mode - Windows desktop mode only. (Thanks Cyrus Osiris, others)

Version 3.0.0 stable release

  • Fixed tabbing between characters causing auto-fill
  • Fixed crashing on closing last tab.

Version 0.2.19

  • Timestamps have been made a bit more distinct from text
  • The Account -> Settings -> Browsing ->Inline Image Display Mode setting on the website will now be properly honoured by the profile viewer
  • BBCode is now actually case-insensitive. Thanks for the report, Celes!
  • Added a shortcut method of swapping between logged in characters. (Ctrl+Tab)
  • Member search by name added
  • Optional highlight of friended / bookmarked characters due to popular demand
  • Webchat 3.0 now shows whether there are notifications pending
  • iOS notification crash has been investigated and fixed. Thanks to Tialla for the help!
  • Spellchecker dictionaries have been fixed
  • Ability to view logs from all characters whilst logged in on a different character, and also whilst logged out
  • Import channel settings from another character due to popular request (Settings -> Import)

Version 0.2.18

  • Opt-in has been added for unstable test versions
  • Fix updater crashing if F-chat isn’t shut down
  • Desktop notifications have been fixed
  • Text box auto resizing issues fixed
  • Fixed passwords not saving
  • Various bbcode fixes and improvements
  • Log fixing tool added (cog, f-chat, fix corrupted logs)
  • Status is now retained after disconnect/reconnect
  • For visibility, character names are now bold
  • Commands are now case in-sensitive, as is bbcode.
  • Fix textbox sizing on mobile screens
  • Send button added for mobile client usage

Version 0.2.17

An updated UI framework is being used in this release, some change in visual style is to be expected as a result of this. The most obvious change is the default font size being larger than previous releases. Please provide feedback on where this has caused problems.

  • Hide ads and ignore now have exceptions for channels where you're a mod
  • You can now search chats using Ctrl+F
  • Right clicking a misspelled word now has an "Add to dictionary" option - you can remove it by selecting that same word and right clicking it again, then selecting "Remove from Dictionary"
  • You can now optionally display on tabs if there are messages that haven't been responded to yet
  • The Chat/Ads/Both setting for channels is now saved
    • Channel unread highlighting will also not be triggered if there is no new message of the selected type
  • Only messages/BBcode should now be selectable, not other parts of the UI - if you can't select/copy anything you feel you should be able to, please let us know!
  • New mod/owner icons for private channels
  • Mod icons are now shown even when users are offline
  • You can now copy text with the raw BBcode
  • DND(Do Not Disturb) mutes notifications now

Version 0.2.16

  • Resolved major issue introduced in 0.2.15 relating to status changes

Version 0.2.15

Bugfixes all the way down, baby

  • Added proper and cool themed tooltips
  • Fixed an issue that prevented characters from logging in after logging out. (Thanks @Aurelle Melodie)
  • ACTUALLY FIXED THE SCROLLING BUG (Thanks many reporters)
  • Fixed an issue causing the main window to not respect taskbar boundaries (Thanks many reporters)
  • Fixed an issue causing the text box not being focused when the application was focused.
  • After thousands of man-hours put in by our top data scientists, we have concluded that the minimize button should actually minimize the window.
  • Fixed character tabs not highlighting if a character had an unread message. Made Maya stay on her alt at all times, because as it turns out, the majority of people directly involved in this project only ever use one character. (Seriously, Maya is super adamant about this fact)
  • Fixed Alt+Up / Alt+Down keyboard shortcuts. (Thanks multiple reporters)
  • Various other bugfixes

Version 0.2.14

  • Made the "Update Available" notification more obvious
  • Fixed weird situation with bbcode colors that could appear unreadable on certain themes
  • Fixed channel tabs turning a weird color if the tab was both selected and had unread messages
  • Fixed broken scrolling behavior if many channels or PMs were open (Thanks many reporters)
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts for SUB and SUP tags (Thanks many reporters)
  • Various other bugfixes

Version 0.2.13

  • Fixed a major bug that caused errors to display on receiving any message or notification. Oops.

Version 0.2.12

  • Rejoice! F-Chat 3.0 now allows multiple characters from one app instance!
    • You can now connect to F-Chat from multiple characters all without needing to open another window. The client now allows for native tab support between different characters. Please note this is an early version of this feature and we plan to improve it as time goes on.
  • Added a badge to the taskbar icon when you have unread messages.
  • Added the ability to change log storage location.
  • Fixed BBCode shortcuts not working when caps-lock was on. (Thanks @Bri for reporting)
  • Fixed a bug with link handling that could result in a client freeze. (Thanks @Jim Stantz for reporting)
  • Various bug fixes and performance/design improvements

Version 0.2.11

  • Future versions of F-Chat 3.0 (not this version) will automatically bring up the changelog. Hi mom!
  • Ignoring users now leaves a clearer confirmation.
  • Prevented the same character from logging in multiple times to avoid possible file corruption.
  • Fixed textbox not properly resizing.
  • Fixed profile viewer breaking on links ending in /

Version 0.2.10

  • Added a "New Window" option to the menu - making it easier to log in with a second character, especially on OSX
  • Fixed gray and purple colour BBCode
  • Fixed sub-fetishes in profile viewer
  • Made the text box handle undo and redo correctly with the BBCode buttons/shortcuts
  • Improved profile viewer on small screens (mobile version hype?)
  • Fixed an issue where after closing an F-Chat window the menu would not work correctly in other F-Chat Windows

Version 0.2.9

  • Fixed a major spellcheck bug introduced in 0.2.8 - Dictionary sales fall 304% worldwide

Version 0.2.8

  • Added a "Hidden" flag
    • Characters can now be marked as "Hidden" - Marking a character as Hidden will prevent the characters' ads from showing and hide them from any search results.
      • This is different from a standard ignore as you can still chat and open private messages with the character, and otherwise interact normally.
    • Characters can be marked as Hidden by right-clicking on their name and choosing "Hide"
    • Characters marked as Hidden are stored client side and are not currently stored on F-List servers. This means if you use F-Chat on two different computers, their "Hidden" lists will not be synced.

  • Images can now be viewed in-client when using the integrated profile viewer.
  • Added an "open in browser" button to the integrated profile viewer.

  • Fixed strange BBCode parsing of large amounts of links
  • Fixed lowercase names not being sorted with uppercase names
  • Fixed [color=black] for your inner goth
  • Fixed Alt+Up pulling up the last message sent when it shouldn't and told Maya to properly handle keyboard modifiers.
  • Fixed F-Chat opening to a blank white screen sometimes
  • Fixed having the client spawn two instances when launched
  • Various bug and stability fixes

Version 0.2.7

  • Fixed major log viewer bug introduced in 0.2.6

Version 0.2.6

  • Added an integrated profile viewer! You can now view someone's profile without leaving the client
    • Note: This is an experimental addition. There is still a lot of work and polish needed here. Please submit any and all bugs to our dedicated feedback form.
    • Note: To use this experimental feature, please enable the "Use Profile Viewer" setting in the F-Chat 3.0 menu

  • Re-added status icons to the user list
    • Note: Future versions of the F-Chat protocol will not support this feature. At some point in the future, this will be going away. That said, we have heard your feedback and are re-enabling status icons in user lists for the time being as we work on a more elegant solution.

  • Added new keyboard shortcut to switch between rooms, Alt+up and Alt+down
  • Added right-clicking on a PM tab to open the character menu
  • Added custom install location support for the Windows installer
  • Adjusted status and moderator icons
  • Fixed chat scrolling itself up after pasting large amounts of text into the text box
  • Various bug and stability fixes

Version 0.2.5

F-Chat 3.0's first public beta feature update! Thanks to all your suggestions, we are hard at work implementing what you all want F-Chat 3.0 to be! Look on our Works, ye Mighty, and rejoice!

  • You asked, we added! The most suggested feature yet has been the ability to resize text, so we added that! Text resizing is still in an expirimental phase, so please try it out and make sure to report bugs and feedback!
  • The Alt key now behaves as expected and opens the system menu-bar. Power users and screen-reader users rejoice! Thanks @Monty the Wolf!
  • Character Search now allows searching without specifiying kinks
  • You can now copy links from user statuses
  • Changed the wording of some settings to make them more clear

We have a lot of other features coming to the client soon! Keep sending us your feedback! This version also fixes quite a few bugs:

  • Fixed "User is typing..." messages not being sent
  • Fixed PM windows persisting after switching characters
  • Fixed (more) issues with SlimCat log importing. Thanks @Reisen U- Inaba
  • Fixed /roll sending notifications to the user who sent the command. Thanks @Link Chroniatrix
  • Fixed channel moderation commands not showing in the help menu. Thanks @Swansong
  • Lots more!

Version 0.2.4

  • Friends and Bookmarks now show at the top of room member lists (ala 2.0)
  • Fixed even more issues, like:
    • Friends / Bookmarks not showing in lists right after adding them
    • Join/Leave messages not taking disconnects into account
    • [Mac] - [sup] and [sub] keyboard shortcuts not working

Version 0.2.3

  • Fixed a bunch of issues, notably:
    • /status command not behaving as expected
    • Status changes not being shown in an open PM Window
    • Strange quit behavior
    • Channels not being rejoined after a disconnect
    • [Win]Client unable to close when using taskbar menu quit option
    • [Win]Right-click context menus having un-clickable entries when using a touchscreen
    • [Mac] Status bar icon overflowing/clipping

Version 0.2.2

  • Fixed issues with SlimCat import function.
    • If you are having issues after importing from slimcat, delete your data directory at %appdata%\fchat\data

Version 0.2.1

  • Beta release!
  • A good handful of fixes for Mac.
  • Fixed the windows positioning bug for multi-monitor setups.

Version 0.2.0

  • Improved character search function
  • Fixed issue with ad-only channels being impossible to post in
  • Various other bugfixes