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This is a list of everyone who works here. If you're trying to find the right person to talk to, this list should help you find them.


Administrators are in charge of hiring staff, handling complaints about staff members, and processing ban appeals, among other things. Complaints and appeals should be filed as tickets. Staff applications should be sent to interviews@f-list.net.

Vice Admins & Senior Staff

Vice Administrators are the second in command to Admins and handle a number of matters further up the rank. Issues that can not be handled by Globals can be pushed up to these particular staffers. They may process various appeals and complaints.

Global Moderators

Global moderators moderate website's forums, character profiles, and F-chat. If reporting a chat issue, please use the 'Alert Staff' or 'Report this tab' option, in the chat client. (Senior Globals are veteran staffers that one can seek higher assistance from.)

Channel Moderators

Channel moderators are in charge of specific channels, and cannot be called upon to handle any issues not occurring in their channel. For issues occurring inside a moderated channel please contact the channel moderator, if they are available. If not, or if the channel does not have a moderator, please use the 'Alert Staff' or 'Report this tab' option, to send the issue to a global moderator.




Canon Characters / Canon Characters OOC

Domination / Submission


Ferals / Bestiality



Gay Furry Males

Gay Males

German IC/OOC/Politics/Furry




Mind Control

Monsters Lair

Pregnancy and Impregnation

RP Bar / Dark City

Sex-Driven LFRP

Story-Driven LFRP



These people are responsible for answering helpdesk tickets. They are also frequently found in the #Helpdesk channel, where you are welcome to ask for any assistance you might need.


These people are F-list's programmers. You will never need to contact them directly; instead, please use the helpdesk for bug reports!

  • StatusLightOffline.pngDari: Systems Administrator
  • StatusLightOffline.pngAniko: Development Administrator
  • StatusLightOffline.pngKira: Lead Developer
  • StatusLightOffline.pngMaya: Elf

Honorable Mentions