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Groups are theme-oriented forums. Some are setting based like 'The Arena' or 'Hawthorne Penitentiary', some are kink based like 'Panty Lovers' or 'Leash and Collar', some are centred around games like 'F-craft' or 'World of Warcrafters'. There are groups for nearly everything.

Usually, in a group, there will be several boards, each for different aspects of the theme. Many groups have a rules and announcements board, some have an introductions board, a decent number have an RP ads board, and almost all of them have a public RP board of some sort. Each board will contain a variety of threads, by different group members, some of which will be open to the public, and others of which will be closed to a small group. If an RP thread doesn't say that it's public, it's usually polite to contact the person who started it, before posting.

Keep in mind that group threads are single-threaded conversations, so your replies will show up in the messages of everyone who has posted before you in that thread, and all the replies after yours will show up in your messages.

Criteria for Accepted / Rejected Group Requests

(Groups Can not be currently deleted, so do not submit requests frivolously or make them numerous.)

Group requests should be written with an acceptable level of literacy (use correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization) in order to be accepted. It needs to convince us why this is needed or should be accepted. It doesn't take much to be accepted, so please make the effort! Remember that group names can't be changed once made, so choose wisely and spell correctly!

We will allow similar themes, but not direct duplicates. We understand that no one user should have the monopoly on any singular theme/fandom, but we also don't want people making twenty of the same groups (example; Pokemon, Marvel, Canines, etc.).

Is this something that can be used? Is it related to role play in some way? Does it abide by site wide rules? Make sure you can answer yes to these! Although groups are owned, run, and moderated by regular users that can set their own restrictions and guidelines, if something infringes on site-wide rules official F-list moderation staff will be required to step in. Bear in mind official staff won't micromanage altercations, seek the group user moderators first.

Concepts that might be deemed too niche / overly specific to garner a significant following or usage are more likely to be declined (even more so if the themes can already be covered by numerous existing groups).

Understand that most preexisting groups have been grandfathered in from back when the criteria was more liberal since groups were once a "subscriber only" feature. Now that everyone has subscriber perks the requirements for getting a group accepted are stricter. Remember that you must actively run the group, staff will not.

Group Interface

The first thing you'll see, when you click through to a group, is the group's icon and description. The description will tell you what the group is about, so it's a good idea to give that a look. Below that, you'll see three links: 'Members/Owners/Mods', which will take you to a list of everyone in the group; 'Join', which will let you join the group; and 'Leave', which is the opposite of 'Join'.

The next section on the page is the group's boards. Each board has a title, and usually a description, that will let you know what you can expect to find in it. On the right, you can see how many threads and posts the board contains, and who made the last post in that board, in which thread, at what time.


If you click into a board, you'll see a list of threads, sorted by the time they were last posted to. Threads near the top have more recent posts, and threads near the bottom have older posts. Each thread will have a title, the name of the person who started the thread, and the time the thread was started, on the left. On the right, for each thread, you can see the time the last post was made and how many posts are in the thread.

Some threads have icons, on the left. A green pin means the thread will stay at the top of the board, no matter how old it is. Those threads are usually important announcements, rules, or currently running plots. It's probably a good idea to take a look at those. A lock icon means you cannot reply to the thread. This is usually used to close threads that the group owner or moderators don't want any more replies to.


If you click into a thread, you'll see the posts it contains. At the top of each post is a line that says 'Posted at [time] by [character]', and the character's icon appears to the right, so it's pretty easy to tell who a post was written by. If you're looking at one of your own posts, you should see two icons, just to the left of your avatar: a pencil and a red x. If you click on the pencil, you'll be taken to a page where you can edit the content of your post. If you click on the red x, you'll be able to delete your post.

At the bottom of a thread is the reply form, which includes the usual assortment of BBcode buttons. When replying to a thread, make sure your reply is relevant to whatever is going on in that thread. Posting a request for RP in the middle of a thread about how to bake a cake, for instance, is frowned upon, as is posting a cake recipe as a reply to someone's request for RP.

Participating in a Group

What can I do as a group member?

You can post in open threads, start your own threads, and generally interact with other group members, by means of the group forum!

How do I join a group?

Go to the Groups menu, click on 'Browse Groups', and find a group you'd like to join. Once you click on it, you'll see a page with the group's description at the top, and all the boards beneath. Between the description and the boards, you'll see the 'Join' button. Click that, and select the character you'd like to join the group with. Just like with Friends, it's possible to join a group with more than one character.

How do I leave a group?

If you'd like to leave the group with any of your characters, the 'Leave' button is right next to the 'Join' button. Just like joining, leaving is by individual characters, not the whole account, so you'll need to do it once for every character you want to remove from the group.

Managing a Group

What can I do as a group owner?

It's your group! You can do just about anything, as long as it doesn't violate the site rules! You can change the group description and icon, add and remove boards, kick members out of the group, and probably a few things I'm forgetting.

How do I make a group?

New groups are now available to everyone. Open the 'Groups' menu, and select 'Request Group'. Name the group, type in a description, and select the character you would like to show as the owner of the group. Everything you need to know about the process is at the top of the Request Group page. Requests are not guaranteed to result in groups. You can check on the status of your request by returning to the 'Request Group' page (but keep in mind that unreviewed requests show up as 'denied', for some reason, so don't freak out, right away).

Making a new group is currently not possible, as the group system is pending an overhaul. We will not accept any new requests for the time being and strongly advise making use of preexisting groups that may cover your themes. We do not have an estimated finish date at this moment in time, but when there is there will be an announcement through a newspost on the site.

The 'Forums' panel

Once you have a group, you'll want to add forums to it. Go to the 'Manage Your Groups' page, from the Groups menu, and select the 'Forums' option on the group you'd like to edit. Only groups you own or moderate will show up on this page.

The first thing you'll see on this page is a form for adding new forums. Just type a name and description into the boxes, and click the button, to add a forum. Below that, all existing forums in the group are displayed, with a variety of options:

  • Set description: This allows you to change the description you originally gave to the forum.
  • Set Name: This allows you to change the name you originally gave the forum.
  • Delete: This allows you to delete the forum. BE REALLY CAREFUL WITH THIS! There is no way to recover lost data!
  • Frontpage: This no longer has an effect, but at one time, new forum posts were listed on the front page of the site, and this controlled whether the forum would be included in that list.
  • Allow Private Threads: Whether to allow group members to create threads that can only be accessed by people on the access list. (I recall this being spectacularly limited, but I can't recall the details. It may be that you can invite an unlimited number of characters, as long as they all belong to the same player, or something equally odd.)


This option is available to the group owner and any group moderators. Essentially, it's just a place to ban users from the group. Type a name and a reason in the boxes, click 'Enact Ban', and it's done. This is an account-wide ban, preventing any characters belonging to that user from posting in the group. Below the ban form is a list of users who have been banned, if there are any, and in that list, users can also be unbanned.


This page offers a number of options, for the group owner, to change things about the group, rather than individual forums.

  • Description: Obviously enough, you can view and edit the group's description, here.
  • Keywords: These never really came into use, since there's no search for groups.
  • Group Avatar: Just like a character, your group can have a 100x100px image that appears next to the description! This is also what shows up in the Groups tab of members' profiles.
  • Ownership: While you can't assign another user as the group owner, you can change which of your characters is the owner, which is sometimes good, if you're planning to delete a character.
  • Moderators: You can add and remove group moderators. Mods have only one ability, and that's the ability to ban people from the group. It's... not that useful.

Thread View for Owners

Owners get a bunch more options, when looking at a thread, than members do.

  • Track/Untrack thread: Everybody gets this one. If there's a new post in a thread you're 'tracking', you'll get a notice in your Messages box. Posting in a thread automatically tracks it, but you can click 'Untrack' to stop getting messages about it.
  • Lock/Unlock: This controls whether users can post to the thread. It's an owner-only option.
  • Move to: Another owner-only option, this lets you move a thread to another forum.
  • Delete: Again, an owner-only option. This will delete the whole thread. BE CAREFUL WITH THIS! There is no way to recover lost data!
  • Sticky: Make the thread stick at the top of the forum, and mark it with a green pin. Owner only.
  • Unsticky: I don't know why this is a separate link, instead of combined, like track/untrack and lock/unlock, but this removes the pin and drops the thread back into the usual order in the forum, based on last post date.
  • Edit title: This changes the title of the thread. I think this is owner only.

Group owners can also edit or delete any post in any thread, regardless of who made it. Unfortunately, if you edit someone else's post, you may end up changing the character to whom the post is attributed to your character instead of theirs. I know this was a problem for a while, and I'm not sure if it was fixed. Short form: don't edit other people's posts. It's bad mojo.

Frequently Asked Questions About Groups

Can I rename a group?

Er... *coughs* No. There's not a function for that. The option's not even available at the site admin level. So, yeah, be really careful what you name your group.

Can I edit or delete a post?

Yes! You should see a pencil (click it to edit) and a red x (click it to delete) next to your avatar on all posts made by your characters. If you're a group owner, those same options show up on every post made in the group.

Can I delete a thread?

Only if you're the group owner! Once you start a thread, you can't close it, delete it, or rename it, without contacting the group owner for assistance. You can, however, click the 'Untrack thread' link, to stop receiving messages about the thread, and you can delete all your posts in the thread. The thread will still be there, if you delete all your posts, but if your posts were the only posts, it will be an empty thread.

Suggestions About Groups

As of currently we are not accepting any new group suggestions or submissions, due to pending overhaul of the group systems. There is no estimated date for when this can be accomplished, given the extensive amount of work needed to do this.