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This guide is a work in progress, please do check back later for updates.

I n this guide, you will learn the details of F-List's character profiles and the importance of each element as it may appear to viewers. This guide is focused on helping you write good profiles for your characters and what pitfalls to avoid that might put potential partners off from contacting you. This guide however is not for character development or design and may contain subjective advice, which should be marked as appropriate. This is a profile writing guide and not an official set of rules for F-List.

You might be here because maybe you want to get some tips on how to get your character profiles looking nicer and more presentable, or perhaps you're just trying to figure out the basics of profile making in general. This guide was generated and written in such a way that takes into account what makes decent profiles and partners. There are various ways to look at profiles. They may be thought of as job applications for roleplay, or even dating pages for your characters (to further clarify, just for your characters, not you the player in an OOC fashion). It's wise to make a proper effort, as it may only take one iffy element for potential partners to close your profile out faster than Google Chrome crashing with Flash.

The guide will be written with objective instructions and explanation of what each part of the profile does on site and in F-Chat, but will also contain some subjective advice and guidance on what good profiles usually contain. You are free to accept any advice given in the subjective material but you might not do yourself any favors by completely ignoring the concept behind the messages either.

Basic Details

This is where you would write the general written description of your character and upload a small image to use as the 'identity' of your character.


See List of BBCode tags for a complete formatting guide to use for your description.

The description box is where you can write about your character, or concept, and provide readers with any useful insight into their personality, appearance, special qualities, or important information they should know if they want to roleplay with them or yourself. You're allowed to use all the text format BBCodes available on the site to decorate and arrange your profile description as you see fit. Some users may put their editing skills to use to generate bios in the form of inline images-- which can be a nifty means of adding some extra oomph to your profile!

There is no guide to how to write for a particular character, it will be down to you to do your character or concept justice in text!

While optional as any part of a profile, it's a good idea to write anything pertaining your character or concept as your other profile information may not be enough. Some people like freeform blank slates, but most will prefer some filler to act as a representation of your writing abilities and possible creativity.

If you're stuck on how to write about your character or concept, try thinking about what they look like, how they treat people, what they like or dislike, what do they like to do, what powers or skills do they possess, what culture are they from, how do they react to different cultures?

Some users ignore profiles with no description set! While some see it as picky, others see it as "If they're too lazy to write ANYTHING, how will I know if they really try in roleplay?"


Just below the Description box we have the Avatar upload and management. By default every new profiles starts off with the F-List sillhouette avatar, made for it's generic appearance. Avatars are a sign of your profile's identity even before you start uploading images of your character. Your avatar appears full size in your profile as well as a scaled down version in character searches, notes and F-Chat, even before they click your profile they'll see this icon, so having a good avatar will set you apart from a glance.

Your avatar should give potential partners and honest visual of what your character looks like or the very least something attributable to them or your character concept. It's also ideal that whatever you choose for an avatar still looks good and comprehensible at very small sizes, since the avatar gets shrunk down as small as 30x30 pixels in F-Chat PMs and right-click context menus. Images with good or high contrasts will look better at small sizes.

To upload an avatar,

  • You must have on your computer, an image you want to use as your avatar cropped at 100x100 pixels, it can be a .jpeg, .gif or .png file format.
  • Click the Browse button next to the file text box and select the image you want as your avatar.
  • Confirm with Open, the path of your chosen item will be displayed in the text box.
  • Confirm changes by clicking Update Character at the bottom of the page, this will upload the image and use it as your avatar, provided no error occurs.

If you want to reset your avatar to the generic default,

  • Tick the Delete this Avatar box underneath the image browse button.
  • Confirm changes with Update Character
    • You do not need to delete an avatar to upload a new avatar to the site, you can overwrite it with the steps shown in 'To upload an avatar'

If you want to maximise your chances at being spotted in searches, get yourself an avatar that best represents your character and use it! People react positively to profiles with avatars even if it's not the deciding factor to why they want to make contact with you.


Settings is a short list of special permissions and modifiers to adjust what the profile displays on F-List. This contains mainly privacy options to hide your profile in certain ways, the list below describes it's function when enabled.

  • Visiblity: When enabled, your profile will be visible when others use character search. It does not affect the ability to visit the page directly by hyperlink or when clicked on in F-Chat.
  • Show Timezone: Toggle whether the character's timezone shows up on the profile. The time-zone displayed is relative to what you set it to in your account options.
  • Bookmarks: Allows or disallows other users from bookmarking your character's profile, to know when you are online or playing the character on F-Chat. Disabling Bookmarks when you have bookmarks present clears them.
  • Show Badges: Shows or hides special badges such as being a subscriber or staff member on your profile. Very cosmetic.
  • Character List: Shows or hides a list of other characters you have created on your account.
  • Display Friends: Shows or hides the Friends tab for your profile, all friends of your character will show on the tab in full-size avatars. Even when hidden, you can still see what is inside the friends list if you are the owner logged into your account.

When making a profile it's always worth deciding how elusive you want your profile to be and how easily you want to be tracked. A short list of tickboxes doesn't take long to work through and you may only need to mess with this section once for the rest of your profile's lifetime!


You can upload and annotate a number of images used to help illustrate your character's appearance or any other supporting visuals for your profile. Non-subscribers can upload up to (4) images while subscribers are not limited in this way. The criteria to upload an image is described in the Images section itself but will repeat them here;
Image must be a PNG, JPEG/JPG or GIF file format, must be less than 400KB and less than 2000 pixels in height and width.

To upload an image to your profile:

  • Have an image you would like to upload on your computer
  • Click the Add button (this opens up a new line with two boxes and a Browse button)
    • The Browse button may be stuck underneath the word 'Description', you can click the top or bottom edges to get around it.
  • Find your chosen image and click Open
    • The first text box now contains the file path of your file that F-List will upload from.
  • You may write a description in the second box about the image you're uploading.

To Delete an already uploaded image or cancel:

  • Click the Red X to the right of the image line to close/delete the image box

Be sure to write a description each of your images to explain the context of the image and how it relates to your character or concept! 'No Description Set' is No fun for anybody!

Some users ignore profiles with no pictures! The general consensus seems to be that any placeholder (even if just found on google search) is better than nothing. Some users feel very strongly about "borrowed" art. Ideally you should try getting pictures you own, or have permission to use by the artist/owner, before uploading them. If you're not using art that you specifically own, it is considered proper to link to the original source and/or credit the artist/owner in some way (saying "I don't own the art, credit goes to the artist" without naming them, is NOT actually crediting the artist). Artists/owners may ask to have their art removed if they do not want it used.

Reminder: Images are subject to the rules of F-List. Please do not post illegal images or photographs of yourself.

Profile Info

Four sub-categories help flesh out specific details about a character's sexual and vital statistics; their preferences and contact details pertaining to their player.

Contact Details

Here you can write down any contact details to a wide range of websites. Do mind that contacts to userpages on websites such as deviantART and FurAffinity you need only enter your username, not the URL of your page. You may enter a URL for Website. For instant messengers, you may enter just your screen-name or handle.

Sexual Details

  • Ball size: A dropdown menu with several options to describe the size of your character's balls, if applicable. Options include small, normal, big, huge, massive, humongous, internal testes, not applicable, varies, and removed.
  • Cock diameter(inches): A text field for the diameter, in inches, of your character's cock, if applicable. Keep in mind that 'diameter' is the width, and not the distance around the outside, which would be 'circumference'. If you know the circumference, but need the diameter, divide by pi.
  • Cock length (inches): A text field for the length, in inches, of your character's cock, if applicable.
  • Dom/Sub Role: If your character prefers to take a dominant or submissive role, use this dropdown menu to select the most applicable description from always submissive, usually submissive, switch, usually dominant, or always dominant.
  • Breast size: Use this text field to describe the size of your character's breasts, if applicable.
  • Uncut: If your character has a cock, does your character have a foreskin? Options in this dropdown are yes, no, and varies.
  • Cock Shape: If your character has a cock, what general shape is it? Options in this dropdown are human, feline, canine, equine, varies, and other. If you're not sure what the difference is, stick with 'human'.
  • Cock color: A dropdown menu with a list of colours to choose from, for your character's cock, if applicable. Colours include black, pink, red, flesh, other, varies.
  • Sheath: If your character has a cock, is it contained in a sheath? Options in this dropdown are sheath, slit, none, varies.
  • Barbed: If your character has a cock, is it barbed? Options in this dropdown are yes, no, and varies.
  • Knotted: If your character has a cock, is it knotted? Options in this dropdown are yes, no, and varies.
  • Knot Diameter(inches): If your character has a knotted cock, enter the diameter of the knot, in inches, in this field. Again, that's diameter, not circumference.
  • Position: If your character prefers to be on the top or bottom, during sex, select the most applicable option from this dropdown menu, including always bottom, usually bottom, switch, usually top, always top.
  • Cumshot size: A dropdown menu offering several options to describe the volume of your character's ejaculate, if applicable. Options include nothing, realistic/normal, semi-realistic, unrealistic/pints, excessive/litres to gallons, dozens of gallons, lakes/rivers/seas, infinite/endless, and varies.
  • Measurements: A text field for your character's 'measurements', which I've always interpreted to be bust-waist-hip measurements. (If anyone else has thoughts on this, add them.)
  • Nipple color: What colour are your character's nipples? Enter that in this text field.
  • Vulva type: If your character has a vulva, what type is it? Options in this dropdown are human, animal, dentata, and other.
  • Pubic hair: This dropdown contains options to describe your character's pubic hair, if applicable. Options include fur, natural, shaved/waxed, partially shaved/waxed, trimmed, and none.

General Details

The General Details sub-category contains all the vital statistics for your character that is not as sexually focused as Sexual Details.

  • Gender: This drop-down contains Male, Female, Transgender, Herm, Male-Herm, Shemale, Cunt boy and None. This defines the gender/sex identity of your character and is a prominent search item on F-List and in F-Chat.
    • Male defines a male gender character with a penis (generally cisgendered).
    • Female defines a female gender character with a vagina (generally cisgendered).
    • Transgender is a very broad term and defines a character who is transitioning from one gender to another, may identify as a gender other than the one assigned at birth, and/or may have their sex differing from their gender. May also denote a person whose self-identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional notions of male or female gender.
    • Herm defines a female gender character with both a vagina and a penis, typically with breasts.
    • Male-Herm defines a male gender character with both a vagina and a penis, typically without breasts.
    • Shemale defines a female gender character with a penis, but no vagina. Typically with breasts.
    • Cunt-Boy defines a male gender character with a vagina, but no penis. Typically without breasts.
    • None defines your character as one that does not conform to any of the other options, or does not have a discernible sex or gender (such as a robot). May be used for genderless characters, nonbinary, genderqueer, or used for hubs.

Your character's gender is quite important to how and who will want to play with your character, as most users gravitate towards the gender(s) that attracts them. It also determines the color of your character's name in F-Chat!

  • Orientation: This drop-down contains Gay, Bi - Male Preference, Bisexual, Bi - Female Preference, Straight, Asexual, Pansexual, Bi-Curious and Unsure. This defines your character's orientation identity, and is often used in concert or in place of gender kinks in search.
    • Bisexual means that you are attracted to more than one sex, and often multiple genders.
    • Bi - Male/Female Preference means you are attracted to multiple sexes and genders, but acknowledge a noticeable preference for one kind of gender or pair of genitalia. Sometimes this is referred to as 'homoflexible' or 'heteroflexible'.
    • Pansexual means that you are not limited in sexual choice in regards to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.
    • Asexual is a broad word describing a lack of sexual attraction to genders or sex in general. Sometimes used to denote the character has a paraphilia instead, or an orientation which is dependent on fetishes rather than genders.
    • Bi-Curious means you are still experimenting with your sexuality. Sometimes called gay or straight-curious to denote what kind it is, and what the user's normal orientation is.
    • Unsure means you're really not quite sure of what you are attracted to in regards to gender or sex.
    • Gay means you're attracted to your own gender, sometimes with no regard for that character's sex.
    • Straight means you're attracted to the gender that is considered opposite yours, sometimes with no regard for that character's sex.

There are some controversies surrounding some orientations. Orientation is an extremely complex concept which sometimes cannot be described by one word. It may help other users if you fill out all gender kinks to avoid any possible confusion. Keep an open mind when reading profiles!

Like Gender, Orientation plays an important part of who is likely to approach you for roleplay, even if it's non-sexual in nature. Orientation linked with Gender narrows down potential partners by what they are attracted to and what genders you are attracted to.

  • Species: Textbox that allows you to specify your character's species. When using common words like Human, this can also be used to find certain character in search. Otherwise it's just useful to determine your character's genetic label.
  • Height/Length: Specify how tall your character stands (if a biped) or how long they crawl (if a quadruped).
  • Build: A drop-down box that allows you to determine the general body build of your character by Lithe, Thin, Slim, Average, Curvy, Toned, Muscular, Buff, Herculean, Tubby, Obese, Chubby, Varies. Due to the massively subjective nature of these adjectives, I can only help break-down the possible categories of these words, the rest is up to you.
    • Lithe/Thin/Slim: Use these for characters who have an Ectomorphic body-shape, lacking any pronounced muscle mass or fat, they may be quite tall looking or bony in places.
    • Average/Curvy/Toned: Use these for characters who have an equal degree of body-mass proportions, neither skinny, incredibly muscular or fat. Curvy suits feminine characters, Toned can be an average body-type with an athletic muscle tone.
    • Muscular/Buff/Herculean: Use these to determine characters with a Mesomorphic bodytype. Defining each will be subjective however Muscular may refer to the more realistic muscular proportion seen in human beings. Buff may go a step further by either making the muscles even larger or by bulking the figure up (like super-heavyweights). Herculean may take this to extremes with massive muscles and an equally massive frame to support it all (like ultra-heavyweights). Degree of muscle mass depends on preference.
    • Tubby/Obese/Chubby: Use these for characters with a heavy Endomorphic bodytype. Like the muscle builds, each are fairly subjective but possibly follow a degree of extremes. Tubby/Chubby can be used to describe characters who have noticeable flab or overweight figure yet aren't extremely overweight, Obese can be seen as a greater variant where the character is very overweight, possibly rolling in fat or simply very large and rotund.
    • Varies: For whatever reason, your character isn't always the same body-type by default and changes from time to time (Though they always present themselves in at least one of the above body-types. If not, best to leave as unspecified)

Ultimately, your character's Build is merely a short-hand to your character's form, and may not even apply if your character is not humanoid or even a person. You should try using your description and images to help illustrate what build your character truly is.

  • Occupation: If your character has a job, position, or is an active hobbyist, you can write about their titles here.
  • Eye Color: If your character has eyes, you can write what colour or type they are.
  • Hair: If your character has a growth of hair atop their head, you can note its color here.
  • Weight: You can write down how much your character normally weights and what unit it's measured in.
  • Location: Naturally, your character would be elsewhere when they're playing in public/private chatrooms and in other roleplaying scenarios. However here you can write where they take up residence or their usual hangout, or if they don't live anywhere you can leave it empty.
  • Body Type: This drop-down allows you to specify the overall shape of your character's body from a list of Androgynous, Anthro, Feral, Human, Morphable, Other, Varies and Taur
    • Androgynous means your character is indistinctly gendered, and it is difficult to determine the character's gender or sex at a glance.
    • Anthro means your character is an animal, object of personification with human form and faculties. Mostly of humanoids animals but also includes humanoid inanimate objects and concepts.
    • Feral usually means your character is nonhumanoid, usually in reference to an animal. This does not imply the mind is feral, only the body.
    • Morphable/Varies means your character, for whatever reason, changes their overall shape in some fashion. As mundane as a change of stance (crawling to standing upright) to something more magical in nature.
    • Taur means your character possess a mixture of an upright humanoid with an usually four-legged animal, much like the ancient centaur of a human with a horse's body.
    • Other means your character has a body type that can't quite fit into any other choice given on the Body Type list.
  • Personality: Here you can write about what your character is like with a few select words. You don't need to be descriptive, just defining personality traits with comma-separation can be enough.
  • Partner/Mate/Lover: You can write down the name of your character's love interest or significant other, if they have one.
  • Apparent Age: This box allows you to specify the age of your character by appearance, this is not normally needed if your character isn't some ancient being with a youthful appearance. Even then you can be somewhat vague about the number (early 20s, mid 30s, late 40s).
  • Body Modifications: This drop-down box allows you to specify if your character has any body-art or inorganic components attached to them. The choices given are Piercing, Tattoos, Piercing and Tattoos and Mechanical
    • Piercing means your character wears some form of inorganic component onto their skin such as earrings, nose-rings, spikes or other forms of component that has been attached dermally.
    • Tattoos means your character has some form of body-art unnatural to their species, usually depicting something they requested inked to their skin.
    • Mechanical means your character has partially or completely replaced parts of their body for metallic ones, as mundane as prosthetic to advanced technology such as cybernetics.
  • Pets/Slaves: If you are the Master or Mistress of one or more other characters/players, you can write their names down here.
  • Master/Mistress/Owner: If you are the pet or slave of another character/player, you can write their name here.
  • Relationship: This drop-down box allows you to specify the relationship status of your character, whether they are alone or with someone and whether they're looking for a partner or not. The choices given are Single & not interested, Single & looking, Mated, Mated - Open relationship, Other, Mated Semi-Open relationship and Single.
    • Single/Single & not interested/Single and looking means your character is not romantically involved. Looking and not looking describes the character's willingness to rectify that.
    • Mated/Mated - Semi-Open/Mated - Open means your character is romantically involved with someone else.
      • An open relationship is defined such that they may be mated to many people or may have sex freely.
      • A semi-open relationship is similar to an open relationship, but with limitations, such as not being allowed to take other mates, or not being able to have sex without their partner's consent.
      • Mated is where the character is romantically involved with another person in a dedicated relationship. This usually implies social monogamy, and sometimes sexual monogamy.
    • Other means that, quite frankly, it's complicated.
  • Fur/Scale/Skin color: Here you can write about the coloration of your character's exterior.
  • Age: Unlike apparent age, this box is where you would write your character's actual age in years. You can only type numbers in this box.

RPing Preferences

  • Language Preference: This drop-down allows you to specify what language you would like to speak and roleplay with. Particularly more important for non-english speaking players on site.
  • Desired RP Length: This drop-down lets you specify how long you like to keep your story arcs and scenarios going for.
    • One-shot means you prefer to just keep scenarios to a single session, just for fun without any extra commitment.
    • Short-term means you would like to play scenarios over a small number of sessions, your story isn't an epic but you'd like to see it start to finish either way.
    • Long-term means you would like to play scenarios that last countless sessions as part of an epic story between you and your partner. When an episode ends another begins and you can continue as normal.
    • Unspecified/No Preference means you're not bothered whether it takes one or one hundred sessions, you'd play either way!
  • Furry Preference This drop-down allows you to specify your preference between Humans and anthropomorphic animal characters.
    • No Humans, just furry characters means you will not play with any human or human-like characters, only anthropomorphic animals.
    • Furs and / or Humans means you are equally accepting of Human-like and anthropomorphic animals characters.
    • No Furry characters, just humans means you will not play with anthropomorphic animals, only human or human-like beings.
    • Humans ok, Furries preferred means you will play with both humans and anthros, but you much prefer they be anthropomorphic.
    • Furries ok, Humans preferred means you will play with both humans and anthros but much prefer they be human or human-like beings.

It can be hard to categorise all possible characters as either Human or Furry, however it's assumed that any animal that is not human (but can be anthropomorphic) is considered Furry, Human is for anything else. Humanoid races like Elves, Demons and Robots could be considered Human in this respect. If you're fine with any sort of character regardless of race, best to select 'Furs and / or Humans' or simply leave unspecified.

  • Post perspective: This drop-down specifies in the particular way that characters are addressed during roleplay.
    • First Person means that you much prefer writing as if you were the character saying and performing actions. "I went into the bedroom and found you laying there"
    • Third Person means that you much prefer writing as if you were talking about someone else apart from yourself. "F-Cat walked into the bedroom and found F-Woman in bed with a saucer of milk"
    • Partner Preference means you like to play it by ear and write in whichever perspective is most suitable for the situation.
  • Desired RP Method: This drop-down box allows you to specify your preference in where and how you'll roleplay, ranging from real-time chatrooms to slower forum-based play.
    • Forums means you prefer playing at a slower pace in a public message forum where each player will post their replies one after each other as message posts.
    • Notes means you prefer playing at a slower pace in the privacy of F-List notes or emails, sending replies back to one another when it's your turn to act.
    • Messengers means you prefer playing in real-time within the privacy of a instant messenger.
    • Partner Preference means you're not bother at all which way you roleplay, you let your partner decide.
    • F-Chat means you prefer playing in real time connected to the F-Chat server, either in the public rooms or in private messaging within F-Chat itself.
  • Desired Post Length: This drop-down box contains a longer list of roleplaying post lengths. It mentions several degrees and ranges of 'sentence count' which refers to the amount of content contained in each player's reply, where a sentence is long enough to fully describe one thing about a character's actions or one descriptive of something in the scene. Desired post length refers to how big you prefer your partner's replies to be approximately.

Some users are VERY strict on post-counts for their partners, often stating to ignore their partner if they drop below a certain amount of 'lines' per reply. Be aware of how much they expect of you before going in alone! If you can help it, try putting as much effort into your replies as comfortable, roleplaying is a two-way process of give and take. Ultimately you and your partner should give enough to make for a great scenerio, however story or sex driven it may be!

Due to the implications of this preference, it's always best to assume the lowest common denominator. Try selecting the lowest desired length which you can enjoy roleplaying with and assume that as the baseline. If the desired length is set too high you may needlessly exclude those who are only comfortable with shorter posts. Of course, most people do like their partners to make an effort and not just skim with the minimum amount of words possible.

  • Currently looking for: Here you can write a short description of what you as the character are looking to play with or long-term roleplaying goals. Can be used to enhance the meaning of your kinks lists.
  • Grammar Competence: This drop-down box contains a handful of degrees of fluency with the language you currently write. Mostly academic, you can specify whether you have trouble with your grammar and punctuation, whether you are about average or fluent, or to a very high standard.
  • Grammar Competence Required: In contrast with the previous question, this identical handful of choices refers to the minimum level of fluency in the writing ability of your partner.

Like before, try to set for the lowest common denominator, the lowest level you're comfortable with in roleplay. Otherwise you may scare away perfectly literate roleplayers with high requirements!


This section contains a huge list of categories of the most common fetishes found on F-List, You can define each fetish contained as Fave (Blue), Yes (Green), Maybe (Yellow), No (Red), or unspecified. The kink list is seen as the large four-columns at the bottom of every profile and essential for fetish searches and how compatible you may be with other characters based on fetishes alone. The whole list is very long but generally if it is your first time, it is important to go through each item and decide whether you enjoy it or not.

What is deemed to be a Fave? (Full heart)

  • Favorite kinks are fetishes that you find the most enjoyable and pleasurable out of any of the kinks on the list, you may enjoy a wide variety of kinks except if anybody wants to include fetishes from this list, you're likely to have a winner on your hands. Try picking the top 5 or 10 out of all the fetishes you enjoy for your Fave list to show everybody what you're really into!

What is deemed to be a Yes? (Half heart)

  • The Yes list of kinks is likely to be the largest between the four groups. Anything in Yes is something you enjoy and wouldn't mind having in the scenarios you like to play, you may not like them as much as your favorites but they're still pretty high up!

What is deemed to be a Maybe? (Quarter heart)

  • The most subjective of columns is the Maybe list. There could be numerous reasons why you neither love nor hate these kinks. You could only like a fetish in a certain way or with certain characters, maybe you have to be in the right mood or with the right person to try it out, or maybe you're unsure of what means yet it doesn't profoundly disgust or intrigue you. Whatever the reason is, put any kinks you're unsure of here. Custom kinks are a perfect way to describe why certain kinks are in your maybe pile, read about custom kinks in the next section for more information.

What is deemed to be a No? (No Entry)

  • Everybody is entitled to limits, lines that should not be crossed. Your No list is for every fetish on F-List that for one reason or another, you will not tolerate being put forth to you as ideas for roleplay. But with that said, people might be put off if you have 90% of F-List's fetishes in your No list even if you specify the other 10% in your Fave and Yes lists. Try putting the most intolerable fetishes into your No list, you may have fetishes you don't like but also don't think about either, it is acceptable to leave some fetishes unspecified until it becomes a problem (or a pleasure!).

Please note that you do not have to specify every, single, fetish, on F-List to prove what you like or don't like. Just choose the most important fetishes for each respective list, enough for people to know what to contact you for fetish roleplay and what to steer clear from.

Sad fact is, some players are quite picky and even one fetish in the wrong place can disqualify you from their interest.

Try to be respectful of fetishes that others aren't interested in. If you are asked to play something you are not comfortable in playing, politely decline the offer. If you are the one asking, be respectful that not every player will like to play scenarios and fetishes you wish to play.

Custom Kinks

Even with the vast list of kinks and fetishes to choose from on F-List, there is bound to be one or more fetishes that doesn't really live up to expectations, you may be interested in things outside the list and still want to make known. For this you create Custom Kinks to describe exactly what you're into (or not into) with clarity beyond the general descriptions.

To create a NEW Custom Kink you:

  • Click the Add +1 Custom Kink rounded button up top.
    • A new row is created at the END of the list, so long custom kink lists may not show the new kink if it is out of view. Simply scroll down to see if one was created.
  • First text box is the 'Name/Title', give your custom kink a unique identifying name, don't worry if it's long, you can describe it in a second.
  • Second text box is the 'Description', here you can write exactly what this custom kink is all about. You cannot use BBCode on your custom kink descriptions.
  • Lastly, a drop-down box lets you specify whether this custom kink is a Fave, Yes, Maybe or No kink.
  • New custom kinks are saved by clicking Update Character at the bottom of the screen. You may create multiple custom kinks and write all about them before updating, they will not disappear until deleted.

To DELETE a custom kink you:

  • Click the Red X button on the far right of the custom kink you wish to delete, remember to check if you're clicking the X of the row first! Changes are saved when clicking Update Character.

To COPY a custom kink you found on someone else's page you:

  • Right-click the custom kink title's text on the profile that you wish to copy.
  • Click the +Add this context box that shows up after right-clicking.
  • A new window prompt appears that allows you to make changes to the custom kink before copying it to one of your characters.
    • In Add to:, select which of your profiles you want this custom kink to be added to.
    • In As:, choose whether this custom kink will be a Fave, Yes, Maybe or No kink.
    • Name: should be the original kink's name by default, you can rename this if you have a better name for it.
    • Description: should contain the original descriptive text (if any), of the custom kink you're copying. You can edit the kink to suit your profile better, rewrite the whole description, or leave it as it is.
  • If you are satisfied with the details, click Add to add this custom kink to your chosen profile.

It's important to describe every custom kink you make to clarify what it is about, don't always rely on other people to figure out what you mean. Ideally every custom kink should have a description written for them.

Custom kinks are sorted alphabetically much like the normal kinks. However using punctuation marks like (.) (!) and (*) will sort these kinks at the top of each of their respective lists. As punctuation marks are first before numbers and letters.

Some users are quite aggressive and strict on what they don't like and use custom kinks to express this, please be careful of any strongly worded kinks such as these. If your custom kinks are too aggressively worded you could be scaring off potential partners.

Note: Non-subcribers are limited to 40 customer kinks per CHARACTER.