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Since this comes up fairly often, helpdesk-person StatusLightOffline.pngBarbarian put together some images to show how to use the site's various reporting systems. There's a few, depending on what you're reporting! Generally, it is better to use one of these options than to contact a mod directly, since this ensures that your report goes to the entire staff and will get handled by the first person available.

Please be advised that just because a moderator is tabbed into a channel, it does not necessarily mean they are actively watching it at all times. Some moderators (specially global operators) can have an upwards of 10+ tabs and can not physically watch every post in every channel at every minute of the day. So please do use alert-staff to make sure a mod's attention is gotten!

If you're not sure whether something is worth reporting, read the rules and figure out which ones it violates, if any.

In chat

If someone is breaking the rules of the site in chat, make sure you're looking at the tab it's happening in and use the report option for your client (see below) to send in a report. Make sure you give a brief description of what the person is doing. This will direct your report to site staff. Depending on how many reports are being handled, it may take a while to get to yours, but it will be handled.

  • If someone is breaking the rules of a private room in chat (which are rooms run and created by regular users), but not the rules of the site, contact the room's owner or moderators, via PM or note, and let them know. If it's an official channel, it is appropriate to alert the chat staff as in the example above. If it's a private room, you'll want to go to the room's staff.

Each chat client is different in how to leave a report. Remember that your report will attach a log of your currently-selected tab, so make sure you've selected the tab you want to report.

F-Chat Webclient 1.0/Stable

F-Chat Webclient 2.0/Experimental

F-Chat 3.0/Multiplatform

  • Click the "Alert Staff" button in the top bar or right click a user's name and choose "Report".
  • Fill out the description and click submit.

Reporting Profiles

If someone's profile or images violate the site rules, use the 'Report' button on the profile and include a comment about which rule is being broken, like art theft, photos on underage characters, walls of shame, etc.. Don't report profiles for chat or note violations.

Reporting Notes

If someone has sent you a note that in some way violates the rules, please press the 'Report' button on the note view screen. Do not report the character from their profile, just report the note. All of the info we need will be in there. Also, include a statement about why you're reporting the note. Is it harassment, ignore evasion, spam, trolling, or something else?

In a Group/Forum/Suggestion/Bug Report/Guestbook

If someone is breaking the rules of the site, in a public thread, copy the URL of where the rule is being violated and then go to the violator's profile and press 'Report'. Paste the link into the ticket and let us know which rule or rules they're breaking. Harassment, trolling, and spam are the most common reasons for this kind of report.

When Not to Report a User

  • Placing you on ignore. Any user is permitted, at any time, to ignore any other user (except for room moderators, in the rooms they'd like to be permitted to stay in). No one is required to explain why they have placed someone on ignore.
  • Refusing scenes/declining RP invitations/leaving in the middle of a scene. No one is required to play with anyone else. Regardless of how you approached them, or how well the scene has been going, until this point, any user may choose to stop participating at any time.
  • Having a description or fetishes that offend your sensibilities, but do not violate the rules of the site. If the profile does not violate the rules, but only your tastes, it is not reportable. However, if the profile offers or requests RL information, threatens or degrades any IRL groups or individuals, or violates any other actual rules, please do report it.

Reporting Non-user-related Issues


'Browse public bugs' and use your browser's search to see if any open reports look similar to or the same as the bug you're having. If you find the same bug, add your report, along with any relevant technical information, to the thread in progress. This makes the list shorter, which makes it easier to see what bugs are still occurring. If there is no open bug report for your issue, read the guide to making bug reports, and then open one.
Please do not use bug reports for technical issues with chat. Those are not bugs! (Chat disconnections, login issues, etc).
If you don't find a solution in Frequently asked questions, file a ticket.

Everything Else

If you have an issue that isn't covered by one of these options, look over the Help & Info menu at the top of the page and find an appropriate category; if none of the others match, you can submit a ticket to the helpdesk here, or in the 'File a Ticket' option in the Help & Info menu.