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Profiles are meant to be used primarily to advertise for roleplaying, either by presenting specific characters or scenarios or by presenting your general tastes. Some degree of off-topic, humor, or 'joke' profiles are allowed, but profiles with content that completely goes against the purpose of the site or which tend to distract from our purpose as a roleplaying hub may get deleted or forced to change.

All profiles must additionally comply with the rules described in the Code of Conduct.

Freeing Up Names

Profiles which may be renamed upon request, to free up their name for another user who intends to use them, are:

  • Profiles which do not seem intended to be used for roleplaying.
  • Profiles on accounts that have gone unused ("last online") for a year or more.
  • Profiles that have existed for six months or more with no content.
    Profiles younger than / last edited under 6 months will not be considered for release.
  • Profiles held by permanently banned users that have been banned for over one month. Names that have been banned under a month ago are not legible for release.
  • Profiles held by users who have permanently left the site.
  • Profiles listed being "permavored," or profiles acting as memorials for characters, are eligible for release after a month's time since last edit.
  • As described in the Code of Conduct, deliberately taking a name solely to prevent other people from using it is specifically forbidden; if a moderator concludes that you are doing that, you could get in trouble in addition to losing the name.
  • If you hold more than fifty names, moderators may decide that this means that you are unlikely to actually be using all of them; therefore, it is recommended that you avoid holding on to popular names that you don't actually need.
  • If it appears that you are creating profiles purely to "hold" them with no intention of ever using them, then they may be renamed without warning at the request of someone who wishes to legitimately put the name to use, especially if those profiles have existed for a long time with no content.
  • Note that freeing up a name is ultimately at the moderator's sole discretion.
  • Further note, if a user is freshly active on site and hasn't received a formal warning regarding name hoarding before, the staff member is required to ask them first (and should they deny releasing it, they receive an official warning for hoarding which means they will not be asked permission further in the future if a name is obviously hoarded, or continues to be hoarded). The same may take place if a user is clearly familiar with the name request system and should be well acquainted with the profile policy (such as someone who makes frequent name requests).

Name Rules

  • Do not ask for names on behalf of or for someone else.
  • Please wait a full month (31 days) after a fulfilled name request before you ask for another one.
  • Circumventing restrictions in any way may result in all involved parties being barred from name requests (either for a set amount of time or permanently) and even possible site-wide timeouts.
  • Character names that are no longer possible to be created (For example: One letter long names) are grandfathered, but not subject of transfer.
  • Articulate that you are submitting a ticket for the name for yourself, not reporting names solely because they appear hoarded, preferably along the lines of “I'm hoping this name could be freed for my usage, please!”
  • Please send the name request from the character you would like renamed or supply a profile that you'd like the requested name transferred to and specify this, so we can ensure the name ends up in your hands.
  • Having an excessively high number of profiles (It does not matter what the profiles are being used for) may result in all name requests being denied until you cut down the number substantially. (This includes "icon mosaics"). This includes holding onto many names and leaving them blank for long periods of time.
  • Hoarding many of the same name (duplicates like similar names, e.g.; The Boss, Boss, Mr Boss, B o s s) are more likely to be freed up, as it appears as an attempt to keep the names out of the hands of others.
  • DO NOT open a suggestion, bug report, or Community Help thread. These things will not get you what you want.

Punishments for Circumventing Limits

What happens if someone circumvents the name-request rules in any way?

For example, if a user was denied a name (or it hasn't been a full month since their last name request) and a friend of theirs gets the name for them, but then immediately deletes it to put it in their hands? Users who do this can receive the following at staff discretion:

  • lose name request privileges for several months
  • possibly lose them permanently
  • a site wide timeout depending on the nature of the sneakiness or if they have a history of this

If a user has gotten their friend to it for them in one way or another, both users receive the same punishment.

To make a request yourself:

  • If you're asking after a name that isn't banned or owned by a deleted account.
    • Create a placeholder character. (This is very important, we have to know which of yours character we should transfer the name to.)
    • Click the 'Report' button on the profile, and explain in next screen that you're requesting the character name.
    • Submit the report as the placeholder character.
      • Alternatively, provide us with name you'd like to have renamed in the request text field.
    • Wait for staff response. The character you've provided will be either renamed to the requested name, or you'll be told the name is not eligible for free up.

  • If you're asking after a name that is banned or otherwise restricted from viewing.
    • Create a placeholder character.
    • Select 'File a Ticket', from the Help & Info menu, select "other" as ticket reason.
    • As a text, include a link to the name you'd like. (The [user] tag is good for this: [user]Potatosauce[/user], for example.)
    • Submit the report from the placeholder character! (This is important, you don't want us to rename your main character or something, right?)
      • Alternatively, provide us with name you'd like to have renamed in the request text field.
    • Wait for staff response. The character you've provided will be either renamed to the requested name, or you'll be told the name is not eligible for free up.



- You notice a name you'd like to have for yourself. Let's call it "Desired character".
- Go make a character on your own. Create a character "My placeholder".
- Go to the Desired Character's profile.
- Unless it's banned, you'll see a report button located right bellow the character's avatar. Clicky it.
- If the character is banned, or otherwise blocked, use . Select ticket type: Other and mention the [user]Desired character[/user] in text area.
- You'll be taken into Reporting Character screen.
- Standard report text could be: "Reporting [user]Desired character[/user], for the following: I'd like to use the name, please. Can I have it? I'd like my character [user]My placeholder[/user] renamed into it."
- Subject could be: "Name request: Desired character"
- Send as: "My placeholder"
- Submit.

Further Profiles Specifics

Due to changes enacted by turning most of the former subscriber perks into site-wide features, this will require an expansion on certain rules in order to curb any unpleasantness as a result. Please don't forget to cross reference the Code of Conduct for other relevant rules!

  • Mosaics will no longer be allowed
    • With eicons and inline images now available to everyone, creating multiple profiles in order to display an image on one’s profile will no longer be necessary or acceptable as a workaround (this practice has also caused a great deal of site issues in the past, hence why this is now being phased out). We're allowing a fair grace period for users to delete / remove these, after which it will be something that falls to moderation.
  • Hoarding is now a punishable offense
    • Due to users now having a graciously expanded number of characters, this may lead to certain cases of abuse by taking more than needed and sitting on them to preventing others getting use. Previously this was treated mildly, but now we will impose site-wide time outs and eventual bans, as required.
    • This is in reference to people who hoard valuable, or excessive, names. Fill out and actively use profiles, and clear out what you don't realistically use. Having a character number that extends into triple digits (including characters used for icons/mosaics) may mean you will be denied name requests.
  • No more multiple accounts
    • Making multiple accounts to purposefully circumvent limits (such as character profile numbers) is no longer allowed.
  • Eicon Rules
    • Any high contrast animated flashing eicons/or icons above 3 contrast flashes/frames per second are disallowed.
    • Single eicons may be NSFW, but eicons used to form anything larger than a 100x100 pixel image (such as eicon mosaics) must be SFW.
  • Inline Rules
    • Inline images must be properly marked NSFW or SFW upon upload, as users can disable NSFW images in profiles. Things that fall under the NSFW category include visible genitalia, sex acts, and bodily fluids.
    • Inlines that contain hard kinks (as is listed in the following CoC section: Code_of_Conduct#Shocking_and_Harmful_Content) may not be uploaded as inlines on profiles at this time, as they can not be easily avoided when someone opens a profile. The only exception is if you keep the inline image hidden in a drop-down tab with a very clear warning of the contained content as the drop-down's header.