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Some characters have profile badges, and if the character's owner hasn't set them to be hidden, they'll show up beneath the character's avatar. They currently express whether a person is on staff, or whether they're subscribed or verified.

Alphabetical list of profile badges

Crown.png Administrator
One of F-List's administrators - the highest rank in staff.
Auction-hammer.png Channel Operator
Chat moderator with power in specific channels. In chat, they are represented by a red gem beside their name.
Terminal.png Developer
Site developer. They program new features, fix bugs and so on.
Auction-hammer.png Global Operator
Chat moderator with power in all chat channels. In chat, they are represented by a yellow gem beside their name.
Medal.png Moderator
A global moderator. Their power is site-wide.
Asterisk.png Subscriber
A paying subscriber to the F-List. This user has access to extra features and experimental features.
Medal-silver.png Support Staff
Generally help-desk members who answer support tickets and help deal with certain issues.
Tick-circle.png Verified
The art on this profile has been verified by F-List staff as belonging to the character. This art is not stolen or borrowed: it genuinely is owned by this character and represents this specific character. A Verified badge is only necessary and useful if others are stealing your character's art; otherwise it plays no particular role. For more information see the Verification page.