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F-List is intended to be a safe roleplaying site where people communicate respectfully with each other -- a place where people can come to have fun, without fear of being harassed or insulted. Nearly all our rules follow from that principle.

The guidelines and rules listed below explain what behavior is expected of you and what behavior you can expect from other community members. Note that the following guidelines are not exhaustive, and may not address all manner of offensive behavior. As such, the moderators shall have full discretion to address any behavior that they feel is inappropriate.  All else on this page aside, you should listen to moderators and follow their instructions; if you feel that one of them is making a mistake, or if you have a question, use the helpdesk or contact an administrator rather than simply ignoring them.

Your access to the site is a privilege, and not a right. We reserve the right to suspend your access at any time for reasons that include, but are not necessarily limited to, your failure to abide by these guidelines. Please note that the application of these rules varies based on the section of the website it is posted. Some things, for instance are acceptable in a private channel, or over PMs, but would not be acceptable in a public area; note that this does not mean that private channels or PMs are unmoderated, merely that they're moderated differently.

We reserve the right to evaluate each incident on a case by case basis, especially based on the histories of the users involved; the action we take may be more lenient or more severe than those listed under each category.

Note that a few of the rules below specify that they only apply to public areas of the site; this includes public channels, profiles, and all discussion threads in all parts of the site.  Such rules may also apply to normally-private areas if they begin to affect the site as a whole, such as in notes or PMs sent out to a large number of people. Rules that do not specify where they are applied, instead apply everywhere.

As a general guideline for how to behave in public: Don't be a jerk. Don't troll, don't intentionally cause trouble or try to disrupt the site, don't harass people. Whatever happens in-character, treat people out-of-character with respect. Moderators are chatters too.

Note that if we believe you are living with another F-List user (or if you claim it in appeals), we will treat everyone involved as the same person for the purposes of rules enforcement; in particular, you are always responsible for anything your roommate or anyone else you live with does on F-List, regardless of circumstances, because we have no reliable way to distinguish between you. Likewise, do not share your account with anyone; this includes logging on to other people's profiles, allowing them to log on to yours, logging onto your account from their computer, or utilizing shared accounts. Doing so may cause you to get banned as an alt of another user if they break the rules.

Finally, remember that our moderators are volunteers; don't try to make their jobs difficult!

How To Report Something

  • If you have a problem in a chatroom, click the Alert Staff link at the top of the chat or the report option that appears when right-clicking a user, depending on the client you use to connect. Please attach logs whenever possible, as they are invaluable to moderators.
  • If you have an issue with a note you were sent, hit the 'report' button at the top of the note.
  • If you have an issue with a profile, hit the 'report' button on their profile, below their avatar.
  • All other reports should be sent in via our helpdesk or offline contact form.

The Rules and Their Intent


Administrator: The top tier of staff, and where major site decisions are decided

Channel Operator (ChanOp, CoP): a channel-specific moderator

Character: A profile entity created by the user

Employee: A paid individual of Bad Dragon / Dragonfruit

Moderator: A member of staff who moderates the site and its users


Staff: Channel Operators, Moderators, Helpdesk, Developers, Administrators, Dragonfruit

User: An individual who creates characters on the site

Badges: Icons and titles that appear on staff or subscriber profiles, under their avatar. These can be shown or concealed on a per-profile basis.

Abuse of Site Tools

This is intended to ensure that the tools in which help the site run aren't, in turn, used to harass, demean, or disrupt. Only staff members should have access to, and act upon, any report or other site tool used in conjunction with their position. This includes disallowing people using alerts, logs, and tickets to harass other users.

  • Use of any site tool (such as alerts, tickets, or searches) in an abusive, harassing, or counter-productive fashion
  • Repeatedly submitting invalid, incorrect, or unnecessary requests
  • Reverse ignore evasion (ignoring a character, then sending them messages to which they can't respond)


This is intended to ensure that advertisements include content appropriate and relevant for the room they are posted in, as well as those posted from a profile bearing relation to the room's topic. Advertisements should only be posted in rooms that have the ad function enabled.

  • Note: Gaming streams are only to be posted to Gamers, while art streams are only to be posted to Artists/Writers. These are the only applicable exceptions. In either case, video of yourself is forbidden.
  • Advertisements containing solely unaccompanied sounds, emotes, or links
  • Using more than five eicons/icons in an advertisement
  • Misusing the advertisement button to post chat, or chatting in a room that is reserved for advertisements
  • Rooms for OOC Chatter: You're allowed to advertise such in private rooms (as long as the room owner is okay with it), but you can only do so publicly in these official channels:
- Artists / Writers
- Canon Characters OOC
- Dragons
- Fantasy
- Furries
- Gay Males (be aware that ads may only be posted by male gendered characters)
- German OOC
- Humans/Humanoids
- Lesbians (be aware that ads may only be posted by female gendered characters)
- Para/Multi-Para RP
- RP Bar (this room disallows OOC Chatter because it is RP only, but that is precisely why we encourage people to take their OOC to OOC venues)
- Sci-fi
- Warhammer General
- World of Warcraft
  • Note: OOC Private rooms must not commit the OOC Violations as listed here in the CoC.
  • Note: Relevant advertisements should have some sort of the theme involved in them; posting an advertisement as a female character in GM, or posting an advertisement looking for watersports in, say, the Vore room can incur a warning or escalating responses from Site Staff.
  • You may not link to Discord servers in public channels or in your status message.

Backseat Moderation

This is intended to ensure that site moderation occurs only within the moderator and administrator community. As we share information amongst ourselves in order to encourage consistency and gain consensus, we cannot allow someone who is not a part of that exchange act on the rules as they may not have the site's best interests when doing so.

In addition, a user should expect that only a staff member would moderate their behavior or actions. It is safe to inform someone of the rules, but enforcing it is for staff only. We encourage people to make reports at that point; attempting to enforce the rules yourself or threatening someone with reporting if they don't change/do what you want is not acceptable.

  • Impersonating site staff
  • Indicating personal influence over staff decisions
  • Announcing to another user that you're going to get a moderator 'called on them' or otherwise insinuating such


This is intended to ensure that your bot is approved by site staff; bots that are not approved or cause problems will be removed from the chat and the owner will face disciplinary action.

  • Your bot must use server resources responsibly and intelligently. Do not spam API requests or commands, stagger re-connection attempts (with a reasonable time-out, 10 second minimum), and do not send garbage to the server
  • Your bot should not enter rooms to which it has not been explicitly allowed by the channel owner
  • The character your bot operates on should contain a notice that the character is a chat bot, a brief summary of its intended purpose/functionality, and a name/link to the character who operates the bot on the profile page for the character
  • Note: Bots are only allowed in public channels by filing a Helpdesk ticket and receiving a positive response from site staff. The Development channel is an exception, although we do request that you mention you're testing a bot, if the bot is meant to respond to commands in the channel. Your bot should not send PMs, friend requests, or channel invites to a user unless requested by the user through some user-initiated contact with the bot via trigger commands or PMs

Defamation and Harassment

This is intended to ensure that all may enjoy their time on the website. It is not okay to harass or insult someone else, even if it is a joke or previous incident. That being said, we understand that an entire chat can be “in on the joke” and so long as no one gets offended, there will be no reason to apply this rule. However, if someone is offended and is ignored when they ask for the behavior to stop, then this rule may be applied.

Do not confront people publicly over insults or harassment; that could get you in trouble yourself for escalating the resulting argument. Ignore or report them instead, and we'll determine if they violated any rules. Likewise, announcing that you are ignoring someone in chat is malicious, and will result in action against you.

It should also be noted that this rule also applies if you attempt to contact someone who is ignoring you. Even if you are asking a friend to deliver a message, or using your status to similar effect, that will still be considered evasion.

  • Intentionally insulting/disrespecting other people, or groups of people, in any form
  • Ignoring clearly marked out-of-character expressions of non-consent
  • Continually starting/participating in arguments
  • Publicly insulting/shaming kinks or preferences
  • Deliberately impersonating another profile or user, such as copying a recognizable profile section/text/ad/etc. off of someone else.
  • This includes uploading, linking, or otherwise fraudulently claiming ownership of art that you do not own. (Using art under "Fair Use" is fine. Falsely claiming to own it, or be the artist, is not.)
  • Sharing private logs without the consent of everyone involved; such logs may still be shared with site staff for moderation purposes.
  • Contacting someone who has you on ignore / block, by any means (constituting as ignore evasion)
  • Publicly announcing ignores or reports about another user
  • Putting "Walls of Shame" on one's profile, naming without consent, or calling out a user on one's profile as a means to defame them.

Disregard of the Staff

Channel operators, moderators, helpdesk staff, and administrators exist to make sure that the site runs smoothly and in accordance with our vision. If someone takes deliberate action to avoid one or more site staff, then that user will be cited. This ensures that all people can receive official communication from site staff at any time.

This rule does not apply to characters that do not have any markings of site staff. Check the F-List Staff list to verify if someone is a member of staff.

  • Failure to abide by direct instructions by an administrator, moderator, staff, or employee
  • Disrupting moderation or any other site staff action
  • Setting a moderator to ignore
  • Publicly complaining about site rules, a moderator, or moderator actions
  • Otherwise evading a moderator action by not replying, logging out or deleting the character being contacted
  • Contact if you have a dispute or concern regarding a moderator
  • Note: Staff will contact users via notes (if they are able to) as an alternative to a user not replying, logging out or deleting the character being contacted.

Evasion of Timeout, Ban, or Site Tools

This is intended to ensure that the actions taken by a moderator are not ignored without consequence. Breaking this rule will likely upgrade any current timeout (temporary ban), into a permanent ban. Note that anyone who relays messages for banned users is also violating this rule.

  • Bypassing a site, chat block, or channel ban
  • Using/creating an account while banned/on timeout
  • Using, or alluding to, tools and/or methods to bypass any site feature, limitation, or moderator action outside of a valid bug report
  • Note: bans, timeouts, and histories apply to you the user, not an individual account. Bans do not expire. Your history does not become invalid if you relocate to a new account.


We cannot condone any hate speech, or anything that is almost guaranteed to lead to a heated debate, or historically causes hateful speech.

  • Posting, commenting, or linking to a website that focuses on national, religious, racial, or political hatred
  • Caustic/out-of-character discussion of any political party or individual
  • Caustic/out-of-character discussion of any religious group or individual
  • Malicious references, comments, or imagery to hateful topics
  • Public speaking of hateful or derogatory content
  • Note: This includes racial, gender or sexuality slurs. As long as it is 'in character', names are allowed to be whatever the user chooses; users that have potentially inflammatory names will receive more scrutiny if they break rules.

Illegal Activities or Content

This is intended to ensure that F-List complies with United States law. We strive to provide an open forum for people to explore even the most offensive kinks; but to the extent that the law requires, you are forbidden from alluding, stating, or providing evidence of illegal drugs, bestiality, sexual abuse, or abuse of minors. If you are unsure if your commentary is considered illegal, ask a moderator.

  • Posting or linking illegal content
  • Alluding to illegal activities
  • Soliciting others in regards to illegal activities or content

Images, Video, and Other Media

This is intended to identify the acceptable content of images that can be submitted to F-List. Barring valid image removal requests, images that generally fall within acceptable guidelines will be allowed on the site. Also, it is not okay to post references to your character that violates profile rules. Please understand that these rules are not all-inclusive and that special circumstances may cause an image to be removed when it otherwise complies

  • Any high contrast animated flashing eicons/or icons above 3 contrast flashes/frames per second are disallowed.
  • Single eicons may be NSFW, but eicons used to form anything larger than a 100x100 pixel image (such as eicon mosaics) must be SFW.
  • Posting, linking, or otherwise providing access to any media of real or alleged underage content
  • Hyper-realistic 3D images of underage persons are disallowed.
  • Exception: Non-photographic art is permissible
  • Posting, linking, or otherwise providing access to any media of real or alleged illegal content
  • Posting, linking, or otherwise providing access to any media that are excessively shocking/obscene
  • Posting, linking, or otherwise providing access to any photography of real life individuals on character profiles that play under the age of 18 or offering to.
  • Posting, linking, or otherwise providing access to any media of real-life bestiality, real-life animal genitalia, or implying such things by posting photographs of animals to profiles or actions that allude to sexual content.
  • Exception: Non-photographic art is permissible
  • Posting, linking, or otherwise providing access to photographs that do not adhere to the quality seen in professional photographs
  • Posting, linking, or otherwise providing access to photographs of models/publicly recognized individuals that are not professionally released
  • Posting, linking, or advertising any sort of stream of audio or video content, with the exception of streaming games or drawing (which still may only contain audio, but no video of the RL user)
  • Posting any such streams outside of your status, German OOC, Artists / Writers, Gamers, or a private channel where it is allowed
  • Uploading art to your profile that is listed as DNP/DND (Do Not Post / Do Not Distribute) and the art listed here.
  • Posting, linking, or otherwise providing access to temporary image hosting sites (e.g.
  • Note: Staff judges photos against a professional standard. That includes checking lighting, scene, shot, method, grain and focus.

Out-of-Character Violations

This is intended to protect the individual rights of the user, and ensure that people do not have to suffer for declining a role-play, or otherwise offending people on the site. A user should feel safe in F-List, at all times, and violating these rules may lead to instant removal from the site. Beyond that, F-List is a roleplaying site; it is not meant to be used for real-life hookups.

We do allow artists to advertise their services, provided they keep it out of LfRP and other areas devoted exclusively to roleplaying requests; but F-List is not responsible for the outcome of any agreements you make with them.

  • Posting, linking, or soliciting for real images, video, or other media of F-List users, including yourself
  • Exception: Valid art or gaming streams as defined in Advertising Rules
  • Maliciously posting, linking, or alluding to knowledge of another individual's personal information
  • This includes revealing a user's private alternate profiles to others without their consent
  • Soliciting personal/confidential information of another user or users
  • This includes having requirements of personal real life details to play a factor in RPing (such as one's gender/sex)
  • Using your profile to represent your real life self, play as your real life self, or request others to play in a real life fashion
  • Posting your own personal information, or using F-List for real-life hookups
  • Soliciting any form of play with a real-life component, such as real-life slaves, obedience to commands, or describing real-world activity.
  • Asking for or offering real-world compensation in exchange for RP
  • Posting, seeking, or offering any monetary funding outside of Artistic commission information.
  • Please be advised that although we allow some level of artist commission profiles (as long as they don't violate other existing rules), you may not offer to sell non-art and/or the editing of other people's art that you do not have explicit artist permission to use.
  • Permanently voring another user's account (or, player vore)
  • Out-of-Character financial domination

Profile Abuse

This is intended to ensure that profiles are safe to search and link to for all chat rooms. We cannot allow underage content, even if your character is underaged, and we must ensure that someone's profile image, when linked, doesn't cause a significant problem for others. See the Profile Policy for additional policies and guidelines relevant to profiles.

  • Creating a profile that alludes or relates to any real-life individual, aside from public figures of the age 18 or over whom:
  • Have a referenced Wikipedia article of at least a year old are allowed
  • Have a Verified IMDB page.
  • Have a verified Facebook profile that is both publicly viewable and has relevant content is allowed
  • However, individuals whom were victims of accidents, traumatic events, or otherwise of similar nature are not allowed
  • Refusing to remove any references or indication of a real, character, or user name upon request by the individual
  • Using any language, out of character, that is normally disallowed by other site rules
  • Avatars containing shocking obscenity/material
  • Not tagging NSFW inlines as NSFW. Inlines that are considered hard kinks should not be uploaded in plain view. See Code_of_Conduct#Shocking_and_Harmful_Content for what is considered a hard kink by site standards.
  • Posting or linking any photos to a profile that alludes to being underage
  • Creating a profile or section intended to insult other users, directly or indirectly
  • Deliberately taking a name solely to prevent other people from using it
  • Hoarding profile names is punishable if this is indeed deemed the case. See Profile Policy.
  • Note: If a character name has been 'permanently vored' (or otherwise no longer intended to be used) then it will be free for claiming one month after the character has been permanently vored. An account is not allowed to be subject to 'vore' as it is considered an OOC violation.

Shocking and Harmful Content

This is intended to prevent general public areas from being exposed to content that is considered excessive or extreme fetish.

  • Posting avatars, icons, descriptive content, or links to websites/images to shocking or commonly disturbing content in public areas
  • Deliberately posting or linking to content which is excessively distressing, disturbing, or otherwise harmful to other users
  • Links containing malware, phishing sites, or other threats to computer security
  • Posting hard kinks in rooms where they do not belong
  • Single eicons may be NSFW, but eicons used to form anything larger than a 100x100 pixel image (such as eicon mosaics) must be SFW
  • Inline images must be properly marked NSFW or SFW upon upload, as users can disable NSFW images in profiles. Things that fall under the NSFW category include visible genitalia, sex acts, and bodily fluids. Inlines that contain hard kinks (as listed below) may not be uploaded as inlines on profiles at this time, as they can not be easily avoided when someone opens a profile. The only exception is if you keep the inline image hidden in a drop-down tab with a very clear warning of the contained content as the drop-down's header.

These types of materials belong only in SDLFRP, chat rooms dedicated to that kind of content, statuses, and in one's profile while still abiding by CoC.

  • Note: Hard kinks in chat must be kept to their respective public channels, SDLFRP, statuses, or private rooms that allow those kinks. The following are considered hard kinks:
  • Scat / Watersports / Toilet Play
  • Gore / Death
  • Ageplay / Underage Nudity
  • Birthing / Vore
  • Racism

Links to content of a potentially shocking or harmful nature posted outside of their respective channels (where allowed) need to be tagged as such. This includes links in private conversations.

Spamming or Trolling

This is intended to remove negative users from the site who willingly choose to devalue our site and characters' experience with role-play. Some people believe it is acceptable to be rude to a group of people, or to intentionally disrupt the mood of a room in order for them to gain amusement. We do not tolerate that behavior, but it doesn't mean that we won't be understanding if it was an honest mistake or done without malice.

  • Repeatedly posting the same, or similar, content to the extent that it disrupts the chat
  • Making excessively large posts, outside the context of a roleplay, to the extent that they disrupt the chat
  • Using more than five eicons/icons in an advertisement
  • Causing disruptions in chat rooms, such as picking fights, making repeated off-topic comments, and/or insulting other people
  • Intentionally disrupting the chat or ongoing role-play
  • Spamming a user with notes, friend requests, or private messages
  • Copy-pasting the same note or private message to excessive numbers of people
  • Excessively using the advertisement system
  • Discussing controversial topics/ideologies in channels that are not designed to hold that sort of discussion


While we do allow discussion of new movies, games, or any other new content, we also understand that not everyone will have had a chance to encounter the new media.
  • Users should avoid discussing new movies or games in a public chat room for two weeks after the launch weekend of the movie or game.
  • Users should avoid discussing new TV Shows or new episodes of existing TV shows, Books, or Comics or other Media for one week after the launch date of the TV Show whether new or existing, Book, Comic, or other media.
  • Users should avoid discussion of a major plot point of a highly anticipated Movie, Game, Book, TV Show, or other Media for one month. An example of this would be discussing that Jar Jar Binks is actually Padme's Father.
Users who deliberately spoil any Movie, Game, TV Show, Book, or other media for another user will be considered trolling, even if the time period above has passed.
  • We do understand mistakes can happen, or a user might come into a room that has an ongoing discussion of something they haven't seen. We expect people to use their best judgement about whether they want to remain in the room, or try to get the conversation to move to a non spoiler topic.

For additional coverage on trolling, see Profile Abuse.

Private Rooms

Private rooms are channels created and operated by regular users. Private room owners and their appointed moderators may run their room as they desire as long as it does not infringe on site CoC. Private channels opened to the general public are to be considered a public forum as far as enforcing the Code of Conduct is concerned. We will not actively moderate these channels except for major CoC offenses or when responding to a report. We do not handle every situation:

  • Examples of what we do handle:
  • Ban / Ignore evasions in private rooms.
  • Name-dropping / slandering users in an open room if they are not present within the room.
  • Posting illegal content.
  • Major CoC Offenses (Such as death, suicide or legal threats).
  • Examples of what we don't handle:
  • Things that break the channel's own personal rules.
  • Roleplaying issues.
  • Arguments between users should be handled by the private room moderators. (Unless they involve the subjects in what we do handle)
  • Rooms should not be made to insult a user, a group of users or shame kinks
  • Rooms should not be made to evade the CoC

Major violations in opened private channels can result in the same disciplinary actions just as they would in any other site-wide forum or medium. Depending on the severity of the violation these can include temporary timeouts or bans from either the chat or site in it's entirety.

Threat Issues

Making a threat or attempts at blackmail, as a general rule, is never acceptable on F-List. Any reports of these incidents will be fully investigated and severely punished. If you would like to discuss legal matters, please email Dragonfruit management at

If you do suffer from depression and have thoughts of harming yourself, contact a friend or family member. Alternatively, call the crisis hotline or your local police department. The F-List Staff do not want anyone to be hurt while using this site, but they are not trained to handle emergency situations such as those.

  • Stating actions of suicide, self-harm/mutilation, depression-induced pain, or other malicious acts of self while out-of-character
  • Threatening to sue any persons, entity, company, or property via any forum or medium
  • Blackmailing (demanding any kind of compensation, benefit, or advantage in exchange for any stated requirement)
  • Threatening to cause any type of damage to any persons, company, or property via any forum or medium
  • Stating, or alluding to, active campaign efforts against any persons, company, or property via any forum or medium


Under United States law, it is illegal to knowingly allow a minor access to pornographic content. As such, even with our existing measures, it is possible for a minor to access our site. Through this, we must protect the website by taking measures against a user that was reported as underage. We take every allegation seriously, and, as such, if someone knowingly reports an adult as a minor, we will take action against them.

If you threaten legal action, the only response the staff can take is to involve Dragonfruit Management. If the threat is false, intentionally deceiving, or made as an attempt to gain attention, disciplinary action will follow.

Note that underage characters are allowed, provided everyone involved is a consenting adult in real life.

  • Indicating that you, as a user of the site, are under the age of 18
  • Possessing information on your profile that indicates you, as a user of the site, are underage
  • Punishment for this is immediate permanent ban. This ban will only be lifted when a photo of your face and a copy of your government ID confirming your Date of Birth is sent to and verified by an administrator. Instructions for this can be found here
  • Note: If you ban evade after being caught underage, your appeal will be automatically denied, no exceptions.

Disciplinary Actions

If you violate the F-List Code of Conduct or Site Rules in one or more ways, a moderator will take action as described here. A moderator may choose to increase or decrease the disciplinary action based on factors such as time between infractions, severity, reform from previous infractions, and any other mitigating circumstances that the moderation team deems important.

For purposes of clarification, a message is any method of communication a moderator chooses to get in touch with another user. It is the expectation of the moderator to ensure that either the user responds in real-time (such as chat, or private messages), or that the message is stored where the user can view and access it on their own (such as notes).

This is a breakdown of how the disciplinary actions will work:

  • Notification (first warning): A message will be sent to the user informing them of the rule that was broken, as well as the source.
    • Minor infractions typically hold no weight after six months.
  • Warning (second warning): A message will be sent to the user informing them of the rule that was broken, as well as the source. A Warning will be issued for repeated, or serious, infractions. This will be considered the final note prior to temporary suspension of the account.
  • Sitewide Timeout (temporary ban): This is reserved for repeated, or very serious, infractions in a period of time as determined by the moderator. The length of time will generally vary between 3 and 7 days, based on severity.
  • Permanent Ban (Perma Ban): This is a permanent ban from F-List. This is reserved for continuously repeated offenses and very serious violations of the Code of Conduct. This will include all alts of the account and will actively remove any additional attempt to create an account.
    • If you evade any lesser suspension/ban/timeout, it will immediately be upgraded to a Permanent Ban
    • Permanent bans can only be appealed by ticket, and will be handled by an administrator
  • Profile Blocks:  This is a special form of warning that also makes your profile inaccessible to others until you have edited it; it does not prevent you from accessing any part of the site, merely hiding your profile from others.  Profile blocks are given as a matter of course for all issues with profiles. If you get one of these, determine what the moderator found objectionable in your profile and correct it; these are also considered warnings, so failure to correct the situation may lead to more severe punishments.
  • Channel ban:  This is a ban from one channel in the chat; it extends to all your characters, but will not prevent you from using any other part of the site.

Appeals, Clarifications, and Complaints

The moderator team is a group of volunteers managed by Dragonfruit Ventures LLC, a subsidiary of Bad Dragon Enterprises. As such, the team is in regular communication with each other, and we typically converge on a difficult situation in which we use to bring about the best course of action. This formula has proven to be the most effective at running a good quality website that people can enjoy.

However, things can happen, and the moderator team is not immune from error. If you feel that you received a negative action in error, we encourage you to appeal (if a ban) or issue a complaint (if anything else) here. A copy of the complaint will be sent to the Dragonfruit management team at If, for any reason, you wish to contact us directly at that e-mail address, you may do so. You may also contact the owners directly by e-mailing or

As a general rule, if you have a complaint about a specific moderator, that moderator is not allowed to take any action except to provide their version of events. An administrator or upper management will assume control and decide on the best course of action.

If there is a complaint about a channel or global operator, an administrator can handle it. If the complaint is about an administrator, then Aaron (Dasadevil) or Ryu (Ryu) can handle it. If the complaint is about either of these individuals, then contact to get in touch with the company moderation team.

If you have a clarification request about a rule, you may speak to any global moderator, administrator, or other staff member.

Staff Roles

Public Channel Operator: Can handle reports and issues in the specific channel in which they are appointed, as well as ban users from their channels. Channel Operators have the Channel Operator badge on their profile and a red gem in the channels they have the Operator power.  Note that private channel operators, appointed by private channel owners, also have similar powers within their room but are not part of the F-List staff. They also cannot receive moderator alerts.

Developer: Can handle suggestions, bug reports and are charged in helping with site development, or coding, of F-List. Developers are Channel Operators of the Development Channel in chat.

Helpdesker: Can handle tickets submitted to the Ticket Queue, including profile rule violations, Verifications, password resets and general requests for assistance regarding the site. Helpdeskers have the Support Staff badge on their profiles, and are Channel Operators of the Helpdesk Channel in chat.

Global Operator: Can handle reports and issues from any channel, ban users from specific channels, kick users from the chat, and timeout or ban users from the site for breaking the rules. Some specific Global Moderators may also be tasked with handling Tickets, such as Name Requests. Global Moderators have the Moderator and Global Operator badges on their profiles, as well as a yellow gem in the chat across all channels.

Administrator: Unlimited access to all site tools and reports. Administrators have the crown symbol on their profiles (and generally do not have any other staff badges) as well as a title indicating what part of the site they specialize in. All Administrators are also Global Moderators, as denoted with the yellow gem in all chat channels.

Contact Information

For all normal, and escalated issues, please make sure you are sending a ticket. If you need to contact the owners directly, please send an e-mail to

Helpdesk - password issues, account recovery, verification/art removal/name requests, profile violations, website/bug troubleshooting, current development

Channel Moderators - rule clarifications, concerns regarding channel jurisdiction

Global Moderators - site wide concerns and questions, rules clarifications, moderator reports

Administration - moderator management, policies, rules management

Corporate/Owner - legal matters, advertisement requests, copyright/marketing requests, administrator management, planned/future development, and any other matters that require the owner of the site

Translation Services

German: Mortolk

French: Ryu

Spanish: Noah Campbell

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