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slimCat is a third-party F-Chat client for Windows, written by StatusLightOffline.pngslimCat, in C#. Downloads and updates are available in the release thread, here. Bugs should be reported directly to slimCat.

Getting started with slimCat

  1. Download the latest release.
  2. Unpack/extract the .rar file into a folder.
  3. Run slimCat.exe

Note: The extracted folder will contain two shortcuts:

  • Logs: A shortcut to the default location for logs and settings. They can be manually located by navigating to %AppData%\slimCat.
  • slimCat Portable Mode: A shortcut which starts slimCat in portable mode. In this mode, all logs and settings are stored in the \logs folder located in the current slimCat directory.


Login Screen

The first screen you will see is the login screen. It asks for your username (not character name) and password. There is an option to save that information, and a link to the chat stats page.

Note: Once you are past this screen, clicking the 'x' (close) button on the top right will not actually close the window, but will instead minimize it to the system tray. Right click on the icon in the tray and select 'Exit' to close the program. This behavior can be changed in the settings later on.

Character Select Screen

Once you have authenticated your login information, you will be presented with a list of your current characters and their avatars. Select one and click the 'Login' button at the bottom.

Logging in / Reconnect Screen

After selecting a character or having your connection interrupted, slimCat will display a screen telling you the current login / reconnect status, and display a count in seconds of how long it has been in this status.

Chat Screen

After logging in and selecting your character, slimCat will load your settings and display the main interface.

Both side columns on the main screen can be independently collapsed by clicking on the bumpers next to them. These strips remain at the edge of the window so the columns can be re-opened. If a new event is registered in either column (e.g friends logging in/out, a new message, a new PM), the bumper will light up, so you won't miss it, even with the column collapsed.

Note: Most clickable interface buttons and settings will display a tool tip upon hovering over them for a few seconds.

The Home Tab

The Home Tab provides a great deal of information, as well as global settings for the application. Channel-specific settings are available in the channel tabs. If you click the '+' next to 'Home', you'll see a bunch of stuff:

  • A client version marker
  • Users: This displays the total number of users currently connected to the server, which updates every fifteen seconds. The rest of the line provides some data about user count stability. Δ measures the difference between the current number and the previous one, μ is the average number of users, and σ is how close the online count samples are together (lower is better).
  • Server Uptime: In theory, how long the server has been running, since the last time it went down. This time is reported by the server, so if it looks weird, blame the server.
  • Client Uptime: How long the client has been running.
  • Last server response: How long ago the client last received a message from the server.

Clicking the '+' next to 'Settings' displays a number of options, grouped by general function:

General Settings

  • Allow Logging: If disabled, this prohibits any channel or conversation to automatically writing the logs to disk. Defaults to enabled.
  • Allow Minimize to System Tray: If disabled, hitting the 'x' on slimCat will close the program, instead of minimizing it to the windows system tray. Defaults to enabled.
  • Friends Are Account Wide: If enabled, friends on another character will be treated as friends on the current character. Defaults to disabled.
  • Allow Spell Check: If enabled, slimCat will try and spell check the text you input in its message box. Defaults to enabled.
    • Spell check language: If spell check is enabled, what language to try and check it against. Defaults to English.

Notifications Settings

  • Allow Toast Notifications: If this is enabled, notifications will cause a popup in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Allow Sound when Tab is Focused: If this is enabled, notifications will still be triggered even if the window and tab are currently focused. Defaults to disabled.
  • Global Notify Words: These words will, regardless of the tab they're uttered in, cause the client to notify you. Defaults to nothing.

Appearance Settings

  • Allow BBCode Colors: If enabled, BbCode color tags will be parsed into visual colors. Defaults to disabled.
  • Backlog Font Size: Determines the size of the font used for backlog messages. This does not impact the font used for the general UI. Defaults to 14pt.
  • Gender Color Settings: How genders will be colored in slimCat. Defaults to Minimal Coloring. Options are:
    • No Coloring: slimCat will not color by gender.
    • Minimal Coloring: slimCat will coerce all gender selections to 2 colors (male/female).
    • Moderate Coloring: slimCat will coerce all gender selections to 4 colors.
    • Full Coloring: slimCat will not coerce gender selections, and use all 8 colors.
  • Allow Status Discoloring: If enabled, users who are "busy", "do not disturb", "away", and "idle" are discolored to a gray color, similar to users who are marked as "not interested". Defaults to enabled.

Automation Settings

  • Ignore Duplicate Ads: If enabled, **exact** ad duplicates are not displayed in channel backlogs. This is used as a counter to ad auto-posting. Defaults to enabled.
  • Allow Status Auto Reset: If enabled, slimCat will automatically change your status from 'idle' or 'away' to 'online' when you interact with slimCat. Defaults to enabled.
  • Allow Automatic Busy: If enabled, slimCat will automatically change your status to 'busy' if it is 'online' or 'idle' and it detects you are in a full screen application for a few seconds. Defaults to enabled.
  • Allow Automatic Idle: if enabled, slimCat will automatically change your status from 'online' to 'idle' after a user-defined period of time. Defaults to enabled.
    • Time Until Idle (minutes): if auto idle is enabled, how long until the client will attempt to change your status from 'online' to 'idle'. Defaults to 30 minutes, can be between 5 and 60 minutes.
  • Allow Automatic Away: if enabled, slimCat will automatically change your status from 'online' or 'idle' to 'away' after a user-defined period of time. Defaults to enabled.
    • Time Until Away (minutes): if auto away is enabled, how long until the client will attempt to change your status from 'online' or 'idle' to 'busy'. Defaults to 60 minutes, can be between 60 and 120 minutes.

Recent Tabs

Contains avatars for the most recent conversations the character has had with users, as well a list of recently-joined channels.


Displayed only when slimCat detects an update. Contains a link to the new build, along with the date of publish for the new build and the new version.

Change Log

Contains a link to the latest changelog between releases.


A simple collapse which contains a link to talk to slimCat, the current (only) developer and maintainer of slimCat.

The Left Column

Current Character

At the top of the left column, you will see your current character's avatar, name, and status.

  • Status: Opens a modal for changing the current character's status and status message. Located under the character's name; is a link instead of a button.
  • Repost: Opens a modal for changing status auto-reply settings and message. Located to the right of the current character's status.
  • Pin Icon: Saves your current channels for auto-joining on next connect.
  • Connectivity Bars: Shows your 'strength' of connection to F-chat based on latency of the last message received from the server. Four bars indicates a strong, immediate connection, whereas just one represents a very laggy or slow one. Zero bars indicate your client is no longer connected to F-chat. Not clickable.


A collapsible section for currently-opened PM tabs. Each tab:

  1. Displays the character's name
  2. Displays the amount of unread messages to the right
  3. Displays a close button to the right when focused


A collapsible section for currently-opened channels. Each tab:

  1. Displays the channel's title
  2. Displays the amount of unread messages and ads to the right
  3. Displays a close button to the right when focused

The Right Column

The right-hand side of the screen is split into tabs. The bumper that you click to expand/close this side will only glow when you have a new notification and only if it isn't already expanded.

If the tab supports filtering or searching, there will be a textbox with a small filter icon near the bottom. Click it to expand the tab's filter settings.


The channels is represented by an icon which is subdivided into small squares on a grid.

It is the main tool for joining channels. Left-clicking any channel name will join the channel for you and gray it out in the channels list. By default, both public and private channels are shown together, sorted by popularity.

Filter Settings

The text entry is used to search the channel list and display channels which have names that contain what you type in. It is case insensitive.

Options provided by clicking the filter icon:

  • Show Official Rooms: Enabled, by default. Turn this off, if you only want to see open private rooms.
  • Show Private Rooms: Enabled, by default. Turn this off, if you only want to see official rooms.
  • Sort By Name: Disabled, by default. Enable this to sort by name, instead of by number of users.
  • X required users in room: Set to 5, by default. Change this to set a minimum number of users for rooms shown. Number must be greater than zero.


There are two 'users' tabs in the latest versions of slimCat. There is a 'global' userlist which is represented by a globe, and a 'local' userlist which is represented by three silhouettes in a delta formation. These two have identical functions, except the local userlist only shows characters in the channel you are currently in (and therefore is only available when in a channel).

Clicking on a character name will open the character's profile in a new tab, in your browser. Right-clicking the name provides the following menu:

  • At the top, the character's avatar, gender, and status appear.
  • +Status Message: Click this to show the character's status message in the menu. Only visible if the user has a status message set.
  • Message: Opens a PM with the character.
  • Add interested mark: Floats the character to just under bookmarks and alerts you to any updates relating to this character, such as status changes.
  • Add not interested mark: Drops the character to the bottom of the list and discolors their username, as well as preventing them from generating any notifications period.
  • Ingore Updates: Prevents this user from generating any notifications about their updates (such as status changes). Only visible if the character is 'of interest'.
  • Ignore: Ignores the character; blocking all of their messages in both channels and PM tabs as well as removing them from the channel list.
  • Report User: Opens up a modal for filing a report against the user.

If you are a moderator, you also get the following:

  • Kick: Kicks the user from the current channel.
  • Ban: Bans the user from the current channel.

If you are a global moderator and the person right-clicked has a pending report, you will get:

  • Accept Report: Accepts the user's report, opens up the log in your browser if it exists, and opens a private conversation with the user
Filter Settings

The text entry is used to search the user list and find users who have a name containing your input. It is case insensitive.

Options provided by clicking the filter icon:

  • Genders: You can show or hide any gender. All enabled by default.

Note: Hiding a gender will override any additional settings below.

  • Status: You can show or hide characters by their status. All enabled by default.
  • Moderators: You can show or hide room and global moderators. All enabled by default.
  • Friends/Bookmarked: You can show or hide friends or bookmarks. Both enabled by default.
  • Not Interesting: You can show or hide characters which you have marked as 'not interested'. Disabled by default.
  • Ignored: You can show or hide characters which you have on your ignore list. Disabled by default.

Manage Lists

This tab is represented by a heart icon (the friend icon). It contains six dropdowns:

  • Friends
  • Bookmarks
  • Mods
  • Interested
  • Not Interested
  • Ignored

Each dropdown can be expanded and allows you to right-click the characters similar to the users tab.

Filter Settings
  • Genders: You can show or hide any gender. All enabled by default.
  • Offline: This includes offline users in the list, in much the same way as /ignorelist or /coplist does. Disabled by default.


This tab is represented by an exclamation point in a circle. This is the only tab which makes the right bumper glow, and if you expand the right column when you have a new notification, it is automatically selected.

Just below it is a trash can icon, which allows you to automatically nuke all notifications. Notifications are displayed below it in the order which they arrived. Hovering over a notification allows you to see when you got that notification. Notifications can be removed one-by-one by clicking the 'x' icon to the right.

The following types of notifications will appear in this tab:

  • Admin Broadcasts: Admin broadcast messages will display, in full, in the notifications tab.
  • Users: User notifications include status changes and sign ins/outs. These are only given if you are in a PM conversation with the user or have them bookmarked, as a friend, or marked as interested.
  • Channel: Channel notifications can be adjusted in the channel's settings, and each option can be adjusted to provide no notification, just a mention in the notifications list, a mention and toast, or a mention with sound and toast. See Channel Settings for more details on available notifications.
  • Real-Time Bridge: If any of your characters receive a note, a reply to a ticket or bug report, or a comment reply in a threaded conversation, you will receive a notification with toast. The level of notification for RTB messages cannot be adjusted, except by globally disabling toast.

Highlights, whether global or local, will not show up in the notifications tab. They will only produce toast and/or sound, depending on the global or local setting, and regardless of the local setting, cause the affected conversation/room tab to glow.

Filter Settings

The text entry finds notifications which in their description contain what you input. It is case insensitive.

The filter icon is nonfunctioning.

The Chat Pane

Channel Header

  • + Channel Name [Chat|Ads]: Click to expand the channel's description or the user's status. An icon is displayed to the left of the channel name describing the channels type. In non-pm channels, "chat" or "ads" is displayed to the right to show which are currently being displayed in the backlog.
  • Pencil: Opens up the Channel Management modal, for changing the channel's server settings, like if it invite-only. Only visible to chat moderators and above. See below for details.
  • Trash Can: Clears the channel's backlog. An alias for /clear.
  • Folder: Opens up the folder containing the logs and settings for that room/character.
  • Binder/Notebook Opens the latest log file for the channel, or the folder if none are found.
  • Screwdriver & Wrench Crossed: Opens up the Channel Settings modal for changing user preferences around the channel, such as how notifications are displayed. See below for details.

Channel Settings

  • Allow Logging: If enabled, messages from this channel are automatically saved to file in the appropriate log folder. Defaults to enabled.
  • Allow Updates†: If enabled, channel updates (such as channel description being changed) will create a toast and notification in the client. Defaults to enabled.
  • Max Backlog Items: How many messages will be stored in the channel backlog. Lower numbers will improve tab-switching performance. Channels default to 100, private messages default to 200. Ranges allowed are 50 to 250.
  • New Messages†‡: Adjusts the sensitivity of notifications for new channel messages. Moving the slider to the left will make notifications less pronounced, moving to the right will make them more pronounced. Channels default at one step from the left, where only the tab flashes. PM tabs default to all of the way to the right, where the tab flashes, a toast is generated, a sound is played, and the slimCat window itself flashes. In channels, behavior can be tweaked so notifications are only presented for 'of interest' users.
  • New Ads†‡: Adjusts the sensitivity of notifications for new channel ads. Moving the slider to the left will make notifications less pronounced, moving to the right will make them more pronounced. Channels default at one step from the left, where only the tab flashes. This behavior can be tweaked so notifications are only presented for 'of interest' users.
  • Users joining/leaving†‡: Show join/leave messages for this room, but only for characters you have friended, bookmarked, marked as interested, or mentioned in conversation.
  • Mod promotion/demotion†‡: Lets you know when channel moderators are added or removed.
  • Notify words†: A comma-seperated list of words that will trigger a notification and a toast when mentioned in channel messages or ads. Defaults to nothing.
    • Include character names†: If enabled, notify words will also look within a character's name to find triggering material. This can be used to always get notifications for certain users. Defaults to disabled.

† Indicates a setting only available in channels, not PMs.

‡ Indicates a slider for a notification control. All sliders can be moved to the left to make notifications less pronounced or to the right to make them more pronounced. The specific stages are:

  • No notification: Turns off all alerts about this type of message.
  • Just a notification: Shows a notification in the 'Notifications' tab, or, for new messages or highlights, flashes the channel tab.
  • Notification and toast: Same as above, but also shows a popup in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Notification, toast, and sound: Same as above, but also dings.

Channel Management (Mod Settings)

  • Description: Change the description of your room, by typing it into this box.
  • Open/Close this channel: Shows the current state of the room. Click the Open/Close button to change whether the room is available to the public.
  • A third field for the channel's mode is displayed underneath open/close this channel. It is a drop-down with the available modes; "ads", "chat", and "both", which refers to what kind of messages are allowed in the channel.

Chat Backlog (Buffer)

Below the channel header and above the text entry box comes the channel backlog. All the text for the room appears here, whether it be ads or channel messages.

Chat Backlog Controls

Sitting just above the channel entry box are several controls for manipulating the backlog, which vary in the kind of channel being displayed and the current searching settings.

  • Magnifying Glass: Enables searching mode. Only visible in chatting mode. The entry box is replaced with a search box, which cannot send commands, ads, or messages.
  • Chat Bubble: Disables searching mode. Only visible in searching mode. The search box is replaced with an entry box.
  • More Button: Resembles the android button of similar function. Switches between showing Channel Chat or Channel Ads in the channel backlog.
  • Repost Button: Resembles three arrows chasing each other. Toggles auto-ad posting, which will post your ads every user defined-cycle (10 minutes by default) six times before shutting itself off. Only visible when viewing ads in a channel.

Channel Entry Box

The entry box sits at the bottom of the middle section of the screen and is where messages are entered. Hitting enter will send the message. Ctrl or Shift plus enter will create a new line.

The entry box will disable itself for half a second after a message is sent to prevent spamming.

Entry Box Shortcuts
  • [b][/b]: ctrl+b
  • [i][/i]: ctrl+i
  • [u][/u]: ctrl+u
  • [s][/s]: ctrl+s
  • [url][/url]: ctrl+l (highlighting text and using this will produce [url=YourText][/url])
  • [sub][/sub]: ctrl+down
  • [sup][/sup]: ctrl+up
  • New line: shift+enter, ctrl+enter

Additionally, it is possible to switch tabs while the textbox is focused by hitting alt+up or alt+down.

Supported Commands
  • Supported user commands: bottle, code, clear, clearall, close, getdescription, ignore, invite, join, makeroom, me, post, priv, roll, status, who, unignore
  • Supported channel mod commands: ban, banlist, closeroom, demote (cdeop), kick, openroom, promote (cop), setdescription, warn, unban
  • slimCat only commands:
    • openlog: Opens the current log file
    • post: Displays the message with '~CharacterName' at the end, instead of having the line begin with the character's name. For instance: This is a test. ~Teal Deer
    • lastupdate: Navigates to the latest event in your notifications buffer, similar to if you had clicked it in a toast notification.
    • handlelatest: For moderators, navigates to the latest open report.
    • handlereport: For moderators, navigates to the last open report for a specified user.
    • interesting: Toggles an 'interesting' mark.
    • notinteresting: Toggles a 'not interesting' mark.
    • tempignore: Ignores a user until the client is closed.
    • tempunignore: Unignores a user until the client is closed.
  • Command aliases: (typing the first is as if you typed the second)
    • pm -> priv
    • tell -> priv
    • msg -> priv
    • online -> status online
    • away -> status away
    • busy -> status busy
    • looking -> status looking
    • dnd -> status dnd
    • cop -> promote
    • cdeop -> demote
    • op -> chatpromote
    • deop -> chatdemote
    • gkick -> chatkick
    • createchannel -> makechannel
    • accountban -> chatban
Unimplemented Commands
  • Unimplemented user commands: profile <character name>, kinks <character name>
  • Unnecessary commands: soundon, soundoff, users, channels, prooms, coplist, ignorelist
  • [icon] (intentionally not supported)


slimCat supports modifying all colors seen on the screen, as well as how some elements are displayed. Colors.xaml contains all colors used by the client. Changes here will not be updated until a client restart.

Themes.xaml contains raw theme and layout information used by the client, in XAML. More adventurous users can theoretically tweak this to change how certain elements are displayed on the screen (such as textboxes and the scroll bar).

Here are some alternate themes; simply download them and drop them into your 'themes' folder to install them.

NOTE: These theme previews have been captured with an ancient version of slimCat. They will not revert your styling to what is shown. None of these have been updated with gender or interested colors, either.


Sometimes, slimCat will crash or behave unusually. Here are some cases, and what you can do about it.

Tab switching is slow or unresponsive

Due to the nature of slimCat, messages are intensive to load and parse. slimCat's channel switch time can be greatly reduced by lowering the backlog limit in your 'home' tab.

Open starting the client, nothing happens or it immediately crashes

  1. Ensure that you are on windows and not attempting to run it through Wine or Mono
  2. Download the latest version of the .Net Framework.
  3. Ensure that the client's folder has a 'theme' folder and there are two files in it: 'colors.xaml' and 'theme.xaml'
  4. Ensure that the client's folder has a 'lib' folder with several .dll files in it
  5. If it still does not work, try downloading and it extracting it again

Note: Updating your .Net Framework requires a restart to work fully.

Something else weird happened!

slimCat didn't auto-join all of my channels!

slimCat isn't respecting my moderator authority in a channel!

slimCat isn't show public or private channels in the channel list!

slimCat isn't showing anyone online!

slimCat is only showing a handful of people online!

slimCat didn't load my ignore/bookmark/friend list!

These are all related to commands slimCat was expecting to receive and parse from the server not happening. This can be caused by dozens of reasons (and there's even some suspicion slimCat internals are sometimes accidentally dropping them), but a restart of slimCat will fix it most/all of the time.