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Subfetishes are still in development, but are relatively stable. There have only been a few major bugs, which were ironed out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sub custom kinks to other kinks?

At the time of writing, no. This is one of the most commonly-requested and complaints to the subfetish system, however, and is planned to be added in (eventually).

Can I sub other kinks to kinks from the main list?

Custom kinks are used as the sole heading for subfetishes. Initially there was an idea to use the actual kink groups, but then it was realized that subfetishes could be exponentially more useful if the user was allowed to give his/her personal kink list more context.

How do subfetishes work?

At the time of writing, the subfetish system only visually alters the way kinks are displayed on the profile.

If you have a kink (D), and you sub it to a custom kink (C), the preference on (D) (fave/yes/maybe/no) will stay the same as it was before, and will not update to match (C), except visually. That is, (D) will appear to be on the same list as custom kink (C) on a character's public profile, but will return on searches normally.

OMG! Preference highlighting is broken!

No, it isn't. See above. That means that if you don't individually assign a preference to a kink in the profile editing screen, even if you sub it to another kink, it won't reflect a preference. Also, if you sub kinks with differing preferences to their headings, it will result in those kinks highlighting as assigned, and not as subbed, when you compare your character to another profile. Obviously, people comparing to you will not have problems, since the highlight colours are based on their preferences.

Why don't I come up in search for Kink A?

See above. If you haven't assigned a preference for that kink in the profile edit screen, it will not have a value available to search.

Why can I only see my default character?

Since this isn't part of the profile editor, it doesn't pass a variable for which character to use. However, you can add this variable, by hand. At the end of the URL, type: ?c=yourcharactername

Where can I use the subfetish editor?

The alpha version of the editor is available here.

How to Use the Subfetish Editor

Subbing Kinks

  1. Select a kink category, from 'Groups'.
  2. Select the kink from that category, in 'Kinks'.
  3. Select the custom kink you would like to use as a heading, in 'Custom Kinks'.
  4. Click on the single right arrow button ( > ), to sub one kink, or the double right arrow button ( >> ) to sub all the kinks in the category.
  5. Repeat this for each kink you would like to sub.
  6. Click the 'Save' button.

Removing Subbed Kinks

  1. Select a heading, in 'Custom Kinks'.
  2. In 'Subkinks', select the kink you want to remove from the heading.
  3. Click the single left arrow button ( < ), to remove one kink, or the double left arrow button ( << ) to remove all the kinks under that heading.
  4. Repeat for each kink you want to remove.
  5. Click the 'Save' button.