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Currently, subscriptions are not available for sale! It is something we use to do, but due to payment provider issues (explained here), we instead made subscriber features a site wide option. Regular users are being given almost all of the benefits and former subscribers are getting a little extra as a thank you.

Legacy Subscriber Features

(Those benefits are available only to former subscribers)

  • Expanded limits on character images, characters, and extended icons.
  • The ability to give each character a custom title.
  • Subscriber badge which reflects your contribution level.
  • Access to the Subscribers group.
  • Roleplay ad, displayed in the Roleplay Ad tab on the front page of the site. (For one of your characters at a time. You can change the ad and/or the character it's for at any time.)
  • Image based search (uses existing search system, but results returned show character images instead of only text and avatar.)
  • Subscriber only experimental features, try new experimental features and provide feedback.

Limit Changes


  • user: 150
  • subscriber: 700

Inline Images

  • user: 150
  • subscriber: 150

Inline Image Slots (On Each Profile)

  • user: 15
  • subscriber: 15

Description Text

  • user: 200,000
  • subscriber: 200,000


  • user: 50
  • subscriber: 150

Custom Kinks

  • user: 500
  • subscriber: 500


  • user: 300
  • subscriber: 300


  • user: 100
  • subscriber: 150


  • user: 0
  • subscriber: 1

What happens when a subscription gets disabled?

Nothing! We won't be disabling Subscriptions.