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Reaching Out

Tickets are not bug reports. They are requests for direct assistance from the staff, for things like subscriptions, character verification, stolen art, and non-chat rules violations. You can open a ticket here, if you have an account. If you do not have an account, are banned, or cannot log in, you can open a ticket here.

When should I open a ticket?

There are a number of valid reasons to open a ticket:

  • I found a profile that is breaking the rules.
Be sure to include the profile's name and some indication of which part of the profile is violating which rule. For super-easy profile reporting, you can just click the 'Report' button on the profile. (You still have to indicate which rule it breaks.)
  • A user is using my art without permission!
This looks a little complicated, but the short version is that you just need to prove the images are yours, and indicate which profile you saw them on. For the long version, check out the Art Takedown Requests page.
  • I have a complaint against a moderator
If you believe the moderator violated a rule, make sure you can cite the rule. If this is a difference of opinion over a ruling, be sure to express yourself clearly and politely. In either case, it always helps to have logs.
  • Please verify my character!
Verification means you've proved your character's images actually belong to you. This is really easy! Just follow the directions here.
  • Ban appeal
If you have been banned, and wish to appeal that decision, you may file an appeal using the public contact form. Select the option 'General Ban Appeal', to be certain it gets to the right people. If you have been banned for being underage, and would like to offer proof that you are not, see the Age Verification page, for instructions.
  • I can't log in!
If you are having difficulty logging in to your account first try to use the account recovery page. If that does not work, open a ticket, and provide as much information about the account as you can remember. We can manually reset your password, if necessary.
  • Other
    Be careful with this. Make sure you know when not to open a ticket, before selecting this option.
    • Requesting a Character Name: You are welcome to ask after names currently in use, but asking is not a guarantee they will be released for you. Please see the guidelines and instructions on how to report a name in the Profile Policy .
    • Missing Character: If you used to have a character that isn't showing up on your account, now, but is still visible on the site, it's probably because you've ended up with a second account. I'm not sure exactly what is done about this, but be prepared to provide evidence that the character and the account it's attached to belong to you.

When shouldn't I open a ticket?

There are also several invalid cases:

  • Character Rename
From now on, we allow every user to change one character's name every week. A character can be renamed by clicking here. The staff will no longer accept requests to rename your character.
  • Somebody insulted/offended me in PMs.
Because we try not to moderate PMs in chat, we would like to ask you to simply use the "ignore" feature on them, instead. This lets you moderate your own problems, by disallowing a person to further message you. This is done by right clicking their name, and clicking "ignore".

If you think somebody has found a way around such an "ignore", please right click their name, and click "report". Ignore invasion is against the rules, and a chat moderator will assist you with this if they can.
Unfortunately, this does not address harassment via note. Please make use of the block list in your Account Settings to block all characters on the other user's account from sending you notes. (You only need one character name to make that work. The blocklist does the rest of it.) You can also use the 'Report Note' function, available when viewing the fulltext of a note. Reportedly, chat ignores now also block notes from all characters on the account of an ignored character.
  • I want to report a bug
Bug reports are always very welcome! Please, post details about it in the bugtracker here. Thanks in advance!
  • A user is breaking the rules in chat!
If a user is breaking the rules in F-chat, then you probably need to alert the chat staff about this. The best way to do this is by right-clicking the user's name in chat, then clicking "report". The staff will receive an alert, and it will probably only take a minute for somebody to come to your help.

Note: When reporting, make sure you include a log of your tab. That way, we can see exactly what's going on, and we have proof in case we need it.
  • I have a suggestion for F-list!
That's always helpful! Please post your suggestion here so that other users can give their opinions about it.
  • I need to talk to Hexxy.
You can always talk to Hexxy whenever he is online on the chat.

Please note, though: There are several moderators here to help you, and unless your problem involves Hexxy personally, it's usually best to simply contact any available moderator instead. Hexxy is no god, has no powers that other admins do not have, and he won't give you any special treatment.

If there is an urgent matter you need to discuss with the staff, you can always send us a ticket here.
  • Why can't I connect to the chat?
Please read this list of troubleshoot questions.

If none of this offers any solution to you, please post a ticket here and include which of the items on the troubleshoot list were applicable to you. A staff member will then try to help you with your problem.
  • Why does this cat smell like tuna?
Cats are by their very nature the sort of beast that would rather nom some delicious tuna over putting out a fire that's in the process of slowly consuming an orphanage. To resolve this, put your tuna fish on your highest shelves. Cats are short and can't reach. Next, petition your governor to make sure adequate funding is going to your local fire departments and also to make sure these fire departments aren't staffed by cats.