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Read this guide. It'll be a bible for anything confusing - and it should help you avoid one nasty culture shock (which WILL come otherwise). Seriously, there are some things that are different from this site, and there are things that people that have been at this site for a year still don't know. If you have a few minutes, read. This guide will try to be as painless as possible. TL;DR might be tempting, but thankfully there's a nice table of contents here so specific information can be found more readily.

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Reaching Out

F-list, what is it?


F-list is site open to adults to explore sexually-explicit scenes containing fetishes. Accounts are free to make 'character' pages which have a pre-defined format to make it quick and easy to understand important things about the character. Profiles can have over 400 unique fetishes to add to their four fetish lists, representing how they feel about certain kinks and fetishes, and fetish culture as a whole. Profiles are searchable, and the search is powered by a robust system. Every single kink can be searched for, and even every text field a character inputs about his/her character can be searched.

F-list draws some initial inspiration from Rabbit Hole. However, since its various over-hauls, the semblance is becoming more and more fading. F-list allows for a few venues to role-play in - for those who like turn-based static plays, such as traditional forum role-playing, F-list has a forum system which is organized by 'groups'. Personal role-plays of this nature can be done over 'notes'. If you are more of a dynamic, IM role-player, then you're also in luck - F-list has F-chat, a large chat server that is semi-integrated with the site and its functionality. Instant role-plays there can be public (in channels) or private (in personal tabs/messages).

F-list does not discriminate against any particular character for anything. Even the more 'taboo' fetishes have a strong representation at F-list, with both furry and human characters alike present in strong numbers. Initially, profiles were designed to only house original characters, but people have found way to place 'hub' characters on these profiles and use them to represent a larger array of characters. While technically outside the scope of the site, a profile's usage is limited only by creativity.


F-List's rules can be found here.

Everyone who uses F-List should be familiar with them; you should take the time to at least skim them and familiarize yourself with the main points. In general, they say that you shouldn't be a jerk, and should avoid doing anything that could disrupt or endanger the site.


More Profile help: Guide: Character Profiles | List of BBCode tags | Smileys


Profiles represent characters, and display information about those characters to other people who might like to play in a scene with them. A single account can have multiple profiles, each representing a different character or group of characters. Your account name will never be visible to anyone; only the names on your character profiles. It is up to you if your profiles are visibly linked to each other, or if each of your characters stands alone.

Anywhere on the site that you can communicate with others, you will have the option to select which character's profile you want to use for that communication: you can log into F-Chat as a character, you can post in a forum as a different character. A character profile can be bookmarked or friended by other users, and notes are sent from characters to characters.

Filling Out a Profile

The first step in making a new profile is to select a name for the character. It cannot be a name currently in use, so it may take a couple of tries to get one to go through. This reserves the name in the database, while you fill out the rest of the information.

Next, you'll see the first step of the creation screen, where you can add a description and an avatar image. It's important to put something in the description box, to give people some idea of what you're looking for and what they can expect if they contact you! What you write in your description is up to you (it can be either an in-character description of your character, or an out-of-character description of the sorts of scenes you want to use this profile for), but it's a good idea to write something. Even if you don't have much, put what you have, and add a 'WIP' warning, so people can tell you're still working on it. Blank profiles don't give other users any way to decide if they want to play with you. Formatting your description can be done with BBcode, some of which can be added by clicking the buttons at the top of the description field. Collapsible sections are good for lengthy descriptions, and headings and horizontal rules are excellent for dividing up the text.

When you upload a new avatar, it will not update ON YOUR SCREEN until you do a hard-refresh (ctrl+F5 or ctrl+R), but they will change for everyone else. At the worst, you may have to clear your browser's cache.

The next step is settings, which control some basic things about who can see what about your character, and whether the character can be bookmarked. These are pretty self-explanatory.

Below that, you come to images. You can add up to four of these; gif, jpg, or png, smaller than 2000px per side, and under 2MB in size. Unfortunately, a lot of people also don't like profiles without avatars or images, and some won't even play with them at all. That said, do take some care in what images you choose. Please do not post photographs of things that are illegal, and do not infringe on the copyrights of other artists willingly. They have every right to request that your avatar or pictures be taken down if you decide to use one one of their (copyrighted) images.

Next, we get to the information section. You can add other places people can contact you to the contact details list, and these details can be set to only be shared with logged in users, in your Account Settings. Sexual details are exactly what they sound like: measurements, preferred role, and a couple other prurient details. General details covers the basic things about your character: age, height, colouring, species, and other apparent details. This is one of the first things I usually fill out, because it's easy. Last in the info section is RP preferences, which includes your preferred language, perspective, and grammar competence.

Finally, you'll get to kinks. Fill out as much as you're interested in so other people can find you via the search. Don't feel pressured to fill them all out! But, don't feel so relaxed that you don't fill out any at all! Anything you know you have a preference for or against, you should probably fill out. If you don't care or don't know, leave it blank. Consider creative usage of custom kinks and subfetishes to make your intentions clearer. As much as filling too little out can harm you, filling out too much can be tiresome. You do not need to put every single kink in one field or another; custom kinks can be used to represent groups of fetishes as wide as you want. People will generally understand you're not interested in, say, hyper, if you put a few hyper-related kinks in the 'no' column.

Remember the paradigm of this site: people will use your character's kink-list and description to see if you're suitable for play with them, and vice-versa. You do not want to bog yourself or readers down with too much information, and poor organization can give the feeling of a 'wall of text' which no one but the most particular of users will want to read.


If you have issues writing a character or want tips on how to actually role-play, just Google your questions. There's a lot more experience out there than a single user could ever provide. There's also some groups related to becoming a better role-player, if you're interested in that. Some things I will tell you right off the bat, though: avoid using first person in public settings, and don't type in l33t or text-speak. No one likes reading that. (Or, just wait for the RP guide the Teal Deer is about to write... They call me TL;DR for a reason.)


Notes are F-List's equivalent of the private messages of other forum and social media sites. Notes addressed to all of your characters appear in one inbox, which you can access by clicking the '# Notes' link to the far right of the menu, between '# Messages' and 'Logout'. In the inbox, the sender, title, time sent, and the character it was sent to, are displayed for each note.

On the left side, five folders are available to everyone, above any folders you may choose to create:

  • Inbox: This is where all incoming, unsorted notes appear. If you haven't deleted a note or moved it to another folder, it will appear here.
  • Outbox: This is where all your outgoing notes show up.
  • Trash: If you trash a note, it goes here. You can get notes back from the trash, or you can delete them permanently. Once they are deleted from the trash, notes are unrecoverable.
  • Unread: This is a list of all notes you haven't read yet. Once you read a note, it stops appearing here.
  • Starred: If you 'star' a message, it will appear in this list.

Also on the left, below the list of folders, are options to send a note, create a folder, or create filters for your notes, to automatically sort them into folders. Below that are two boxes to search your notes by name or by text within the message.

At the top of the inbox, and other message lists the following options appear:

  • All & None: These select all or none of the messages in the current list.
  • -Star & +Star: These will remove or add a star to the selected messages, changing whether they appear on the 'Starred' list.
  • Move: This button will move the selected messages to the folder you choose in the dialog box. In the 'Trash' folder, this is replaced by the Undelete button, which will move the selected messages back to where they were deleted from.
  • Trash: This button will move the selected messages to the 'Trash'. In the 'Trash' folder, this is replaced by the Empty Trash button, which will permanently delete all messages in the 'Trash' folder.
  • Read & Unread: These will change whether the selected messages are marked read or unread, changing whether they appear on the 'Unread' list.

Below the message list are pages, on the left, and messages per page, on the right.

When viewing a note, the 'History' button appears at the top, which allows you to view the full text of all notes to and from the other player's character, in the current folder. The 'Report' button also becomes available, while viewing a note, which can be used to report a note that breaks the rules of the site.

The forum/group system

Forums. You've probably been in communities that have had them, especially if you're an avid role-player. F-list does, as well! However, there are some key differences that may seem a little alien. Keep in mind that the software was written for this site by this site's dev team - it is not professionally-written code that is found on most other amateur role-playing message boards.


Your profiles can join groups as another way to show their relevant interests, but you do not need to join a group to see its posts within. If you have more than one character, you will also have to remember to select to post the message as the right one - but you can edit the message and post it with another character.

Groups are self-moderated and are organized by the group's owner, which makes the structure almost always unique to the group itself. This also generally means that they have their own rule set which you should seek out with at least some effort. Some groups will ban you out-right if you don't follow a particular rule, but they at least make that rule very visible. Some groups will also have stipulations for posting, certain title requirements or other such things. You are responsible for knowing a group's posting requirements before you post.


This site supports two different posting methods, although you cannot choose between them. There is a posting system which only allows replies to the original post - although other replies can certainly be quoted and reference in this reply. This is used for forums, tickets, and notes (although notes use a different system, it is effectively the same method).

Then there is the 'newsfeed' posting method, which allows you to directly reply to either the original post or other replies themselves. This method is used for the suggestion/vote system and newposts.

Both can have BBCode applied to them. No raw HTML is accepted for any post on F-list.


Once you've begun posting on the site, you may notice the messages counter to the right of the menu has started to count up. That keeps track of responses and reactions you've gotten from others, that you might not have seen yet. If you click on the '# Messages' link, it will take you to a screen with several categories down the left side.

  • Friend requests: Messages in this category indicate that other characters would like to exchange tracking info with your characters. The message will tell you the name of the requesting character, the name of your character that they're interested in, and the option to accept or ignore the request. If you accept, you will be able to see that character in the online list on the front page, in the friends list in chat, and in your account friends list, and they will be able to see your character in the same places.
  • Thread updates: These messages indicate that someone has posted in a group forum thread that you are tracking. The message will tell you who posted, in which forum, at what time, and give you a link to see the that post.
  • Character updates: If you've got a character friended, and they make a major update to their profile, the notification will show up here. The message will include the name of the character and the note entered to describe the update. Minor updates will not show up. If you don't want to see character updates at all, you can turn them off in your Account Settings.
  • Guestbook posts: These messages only happen if you are a subscriber, with a guestbook enabled on one or more of your characters. If you do have a guestbook, every time someone posts in it, a message will appear to let you know what character posted in which guestbook, with a link to the post.
  • Group requests: If you're a subscriber, you can request a new group. Messages in this category will tell you if that request was accepted or denied, and when.
  • Ticket replies: If you file a helpdesk ticket, this category will keep track of replies to it. Messages tell you who responded, at what time, to which ticket, with a link to read the response.
  • Comments & replies: Responses to bug reports, suggestions, and newspost comments show up here. These messages tell you who responded, in which thread, and they provide a link back to the new post.

Once you've read the messages, you can delete them individually, or by clicking the 'Delete all messages' button at the top right of the section.

Tracking Profiles

You have two ways to keep track of people you like and have an interest in role-playing with, bookmarks and friends.


Bookmarks are basically in-site versions of bookmarks in your browser, simply allowing you to view characters that you have an interest in. You can view them when you're on the front page and click the appropriate button on the left. Note however, it is not possible to view the people who are bookmarking your characters, just as they can't see that you've bookmarked one of theirs. This is a privacy concern.


You can also friend someone. You do this by going to their profile, then on clicking the 'edit' or '+friend' brightly-colored button on the top right. When/if you do, they will get sent a request that tells them that you want to be friends with them, and if they accept, you can see when the other person is (roughly) online! This also additionally displays them as 'friends' in f-chat. Friends of your characters will show up distinctly in f-chat, above other users but below moderation in the user-list on the right-hand side.



F-chat is a chat server designed exclusively with F-list's needs and demands in mind. There is full integration with your characters and the service, allowing you to search for characters with certain fetishes and interests within the chat server itself, and get results of actual F-list profiles - not just chat aliases. Be mindful of the rules, though.

This is called F-chat and you can access it very easily by going to the top left of your screen and finding the appropriate button.

How to use/Interface

When you first enter F-chat, you will be pushed into #frontpage. To the left are tabs which show which channels and PMs you have open, and to the top is the current channel name, description, and the tool bar. To the right is the users connect to the channel you're currently browsing, and to the bottom is the LfRP ad counter (the number), a 'no bing' button, a 'post as ad' button, and a text box.

These are all quite simple when you get used to it. The 'no bing' button turns off the distinct 'bing!' sound f-chat makes. The ad-counter you can click on and it shows you all ads in any channel that allows them up to 25 or so. You can use some BBCode in your messages. To access and change settings for f-chat, click the user-counter immediately to the right of the brightly-colored 'F-list' button on the top left. Here, you can change what settings F-chat will store in a cookie for your convenience. For instance, you can make the chat 'bing' you whenever someone mentions your character's name or a few select key phrases, among other customization features.

Now, this is all well and good, but what about actually getting to use F-chat?

Well, it's very simple. You select the channel you want to post in by clicking on the appropriate channel tab on the left-hand side of the screen. Your post will always go to the channel that is currently displayed on your screen. Navigating through chat can be done through commands or the button interface. A few specialized actions can only be done through commands, however, all general interface commands can be done through right-click contextual menus. If you want to PM a person, right click on their name in either one of their posts in the main screen or in the user-list on the right-hand side of the screen and select 'private message'.

The text box has a small bar on the extreme right which will slowly fill up with gray as you type more and more information. This is a buffer size comparable to most standard IM buffers. If your post is too long, the bar will turn red and the chat will not allow you to post your message.

Channels and PMs

You have may noticed that there is two kinds of Channels - official and not. Official channels are globally-moderated and those mods are picked by the staff of F-list to keep order and ensure that no one in the channels are breaking any channel or chat rules. Remember that special channels, such as #Sex-driven LfRP, have special rules that are separate from your normal public room, and these rules are enforced by the F-chat moderators.

Un-official channels chose their own moderators and their own rules. While some f-list rules still apply, the site respects and allows people to act more freely in private channels. Un-opened invite-only private channels are about as rule-less as personal messages - and so long as you don't do illegal activities or harass people, F-list's moderation has very little jurisdiction. Un-official channels represent community interests and are not organized/selected by any staff member. Un-official channels, if popular enough, may become official channels through a suggestion. If they do become official, though, they will be moderated exactly like other official channels - meaning no more user-moderation, and site-wide rules will come into full effect.

Private rooms are 'closed' Un-official channels. These are invite-only and are considered as private as personal messages - moderation here is only applied if someone shares logs to a moderator, reporting illegal activity or harassment.

You may also engage in 1:1 conversations with other connected users of F-chat. These are called personal messages, and are completely, 100% confidential. Logs are not recorded on the server and moderators cannot see who you're chatting with and what you are saying - but be careful. If you harass people, they grab the logs and report you with them, you will be disciplined the same as if you did it in a public channel.

You may notice that there is some overlap between groups and f-list channels. They are not officially related at all.


F-chat moderation has two levels - global mods and local mods.

Global mods represent the most-trusted moderators this site has to offer. They can represent the staff in any channel, although are typically not expected to do any moderation in private channels.

Local mods are the only moderators which unofficial groups can create. Local mods include channel-specific moderators and channel owners. Channel owners do not exist out of unofficial channels, and local mods are appointed separately. In public channels, these are chosen by staff and may be a 'trial' of sorts to see if they are fit for global moderation. In private channels, these are chosen by channel owners and do not express any views of the F-list administration. Local mods have jurisdiction over their channel only, thus, bearing the name.

If you need to contact the moderation for any reason, it is very simple. If you need to report a specific person for breaking the rules, right-click on their name and click on 'report'. You'll be asked to input some simple information, and a moderator will shortly come to talk to you about the issue, as well as talk to the person you reported. If it is at all possible, avoid escalating things to this level unless you are sure that it is necessary or someone is breaking a major rules - such as harassing you or another member, or talking about illegal activities. Mods are not there to solve your drama.


General Commands

/me <action(s)>
Displays a post as an 'in-character' post - it will be italic by default, and your character's name will be prefixed by an asterisk (*). The colon normally separating your character's name and the text is dropped.
Removes all text in the main display screen, 'clearing' the logs.
/roll xdn
Rolls x number of n-sided dice.
Closes the currently active tab.
/priv <character name>
Opens a private-message channel with the character name you input. Can only be used on characters actively connected to f-chat.
/ignore <character name>
Adds the character to your ignore list. That character will not be able to message your character after this command is sent to the server. Recent changes have made chat ignores also block notes from all characters on the ignored character's account.
/unignore <character name>
Removes the character from your ignore list. That character will be able to once again message your character after this command is sent to the server.
hows a list of characters that are ignored by your character.
/profile <character name>
Shows a 'mini-profile' of that character.
/kinks <character name>
Shows all of that character's custom fetishes.
Gives a channel's code, allowing it to be linked to and advertised.

Channel Commands

Displays all public channels which can be joined. The 'channels' button at the top does the same, only with additional options, such as private channels, and creating a channel. Click on a channel name to join it.
/join <channel>
Joins a channel.
Displays all characters online in the current channel
Displays all users connected to F-chat.

Private Channel Commands

/makeroom <name>
Creates a private, invite-only room with the specified name. Must be unique.
/invite <name>
Invites a person to the channel you are currently in.
Turns your private room into an unofficial channel, which is added to the unoffical channel roster and can be joined by anyone without an invitation.
Turns your unofficial channel into a private room once more.
/kick <name>
Kicks a character out of your room.
For other commands, click the 'help' button in F-chat and then click on 'commands'. The list is more comprehensive there. These are just commonly-used commands.